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Your Weekly Review, An Important Ritual

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Victoria Ann Spadaccini
Certified Life Coach, Meditation Teacher
Your life is important and worth reflecting on! This weekly review is your opportunity to look at what is going well in your life, areas for improvement, and what about you is creating your life's best moments. Expect an increase in self-awareness, a sense of calm, and clearer intentions. I encourage you to listen to this every week as part of your commitment to personal growth and self-care. Listen to the 7-minute version for deeper reflection. Sending you love. Happy listening! ~~~~~ I Need to Start Writing Things Down by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist:
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I learned that I did alot this past week and got through it by being their not only just got other people but myself . It's ok to give myself this credit this will remind me to take time out and reflect on those good deeds I've done .
Reflecting on my week
Many of my best moments this week, occurred this past Tuesday. For instance, on Tuesday morning I went and picked gifts for my father‘s 60th birthday I was proud that I knew The things he liked. I also attended a zoom meeting .Add this meeting I was able to offer my personal connections to help and organization to which I belong build it’s networks. I firmly believe that my ability to actively listen, as well as my ability to form deep connections with loved ones and groups of people, Contributed to
Weekly Review
This week was awesome from me. I found the perfect balance between work, home, and self care. My highlights from this week are: -Working on 2 online courses that will continue to help me build emotional resilience. -Taking time out to “just be”. -This weekend I was working with someone that is constantly a Debbie Downer. And, the store I work at it was a very tough negative crowd. I did not let their negativity effect my positive well being. I responded to her and others with kindness and compassion. Thank you Cherish for recommending this session to me! I will be listening to this every Sunday to reflect on my week.
Weekly Review
As I reminisce this past week, one word comes to mind: growth. Growth in witnessing thoughts. Growth in expanding my comfort zone. Growth in giving myself compassion. Growth in giving myself forgiveness. Growth in aligning myself with my highest good. One of the highlights was guiding my mentor and peers in a self-forgiveness meditation. I felt so alive in those moments! So much purpose ran through my veins! One of the more challenging moments was seeing the outcome of a haircut I had. It was only supposed to be a trim, straight across trim mind you, but the hairdresser had another idea. So, needless to say, instead of an inch or so cut off, 5 or so inches are gone. After giving myself some time to meditate on this challenging moment, I have learned to never be too attached to the outcome. It also reminded me of the second arrow story. The first arrow that hits you is the event itself. In my case, getting the haircut. The second arrow is all the stories and thoughts that come about because of the first arrow. In this case, I shouldn’t have gotten my haircut. Maybe I should have this hairdresser fired. One word that continues to show up is that pesky word, should. Should implies we had knowledge of what was going to happen before it happened. Should makes us second guess ourselves. The essence of this story: We may not have control on getting hit with the first arrow, but we Do have control on whether we get hit by the second arrow! I will take this win and this lesson with me as I continue to dance through life! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Start with the right focus
Now I feel more inspired do complete my weekly review today. Yipee!