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New Years Meditation - Set Intentions

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Go beyond resolutions and goal setting and receive guidance on the coming year from your calm, intuitive self.
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Your vision for the new year
Meditation finding the bodily place of intuition and guidance, I placed my hand over my third eye extending upwards to my forehead. The word that came to mind was COURAGE/ENCOURAGE. What I need to thrive in courage is connecting with nature. I envision walking along a stream and forest, feeling peaceful, as I breathe in the cool air filled with moisture mixed with the scent of the soil and trees, hearing the water flow and birds singing. To thrive, flow like the stream, breathe deeply and mindfully take in the beauty with each step, let the sounds of birds singing lead to being more creative, positive and productive. Courage grows when being in nature and nature encourages this…the courage to step outside of my comfort zone, to see new perspectives and to be grateful for the insights received. Namaste to all.
Trust the process
I found that I could not visualise the image that was spoken about in the meditation. I felt like what I was seeing was white light. I’m not sure of the meaning behind it but I’m sure its intention will reveal itself with time.
Kevin HW
Feeling at piece
I learned that I’m ok and that I need to take time for self love and health / wellbeing
New years
I will bring love into this new year. I love myself and I will dance my way through 💃 ✨🎉
Peace 💙🕊️💙
Peace was the word that came to my mind as I listened to this mindfulness meditation. I am grateful and look forward to this new year. Thank you God🙏
New Years Intention
The prompt was to allow a word to come from our place of intuition. I believe I had Mindfulness but also there was an aspect of love that was very important with mindfulness. Then a picture of me meditating as the sun went across the sky chasing the moon over and over again rapidly while I was sitting in stillness.
The word that came to my mind was Safe. I need to feel safe. The vision of what I need more of is Sunshine, it was like the Sun washed over me and I knew I need more time outside.
I need to be outside and safe. I do not get enough time outside and in nature. I don’t always feel safe venturing into wooded areas alone so fear keeps me from getting what I need.
New years day
The word that came up For my was trust. I need more wealth. The beautiful house by the sea, I’m driving down the driveway in a beautiful, comfortable and safe car. It’s brand new. I am successful in every area of my life. I have a gorgeous partner, we have so much fun, intelligent conversation and develop a beautiful intimate connection with each other. We walk, surf, cycle and hike and have loads of friends and family And children in our home. We are healthy, wealthy and happy beyond our wildest dreams. ❤️
My word was Spirituality
When I visualized a picture of what I need more of for my word, I thought of nature and visualized beautiful scenery. I thought of walking in Bidwell Park and thought of asking Cara if there are any evenings I can join her on a walk. I had already thought of all of that before she said to make the picture come to life. I felt pleasantly surprised that my mind naturally went to the place she was leading it towards.
My word for 2024 is: Carefree. The image that came to mind when I touched my space of intuition was angels, wings, faeries, and the words:beauty, carefree, and freedom. I resonate with all three of those words this year, but I mostly embrace carefree. I also thought of the movie Crazy/Beautiful which I may rewatch. ☺️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Warmth of being with company and feeling loved. I also realized how much I needed it or craved it that I felt frustrated for the lack of it or just not having enough.