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Your Tranquil Place

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Alice Powell
Mindfulness & CYT Yoga Teacher, 500hr
This meditation will take you away to a peaceful and tranquil place, where you can unravel. Feeling into sensation. Enjoy this sacred time just for you.
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Tropical beachiz
I initially struggled to focus on this meditation. Like a lot of people , anywhere During the current pandemic. as a result, it was hard not to Think about any of the memories I have associated with beach trips with my family. In an attempt to fix this issue, I thought maybe if I added my own list of sensations to the one the life coach was describing , it would allow me to personalize the process and hopefully increase my focus. After trying to however, after trying to incorporate the shouts of children playing, the smell of the salty ocean Air, And the site of people eating ice cream, I still found myself extremely distracted and unfocused . It was not until I focused more on my breathing Than The beach imagery , that I was finally able to concentrate. I also had to limit my visualization to the sensations specifically discussed in this meditation (the feel of the sun and the sand the sound of the waves). This kept me from getting too distracted. Once I did these things, and realized I had been overthinking this practice Focus came Easley. I found myself able to close my eyes completely which is something I struggle to do during most meditations. All this being said I really enjoyed this meditation. I found it extremely relaxing once I was able to do it. It was also very nice to of met you myself traveling when the pandemic prevents the cell from doing so. All this would not have been possible, Without the people who work This app I am very grateful for them for putting this track together, giving me away to relax, and reminding me not to everything I meant
A Gentle Breath of Ocean Air
I live near the beach yet hardly go anymore. Life and it’s busyness get in the way. I listened to this to have a mini relaxation break and loved it. The waves hitting the shore and her soothing voice helped me to breathe deeply and calmly and remember how blessed I am to have this near me. Thank you.
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