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Your Three Minds

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Steven Webb
Inner Peace and Emotional Wisdom Teacher
Healthy Mind Series: Taking Control of Your Thoughts. Part 2/6 In this part you will learn about your three different minds, how they work and how you can make them work for you.
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My 3 minds
I learned about each of our minds, how they function, and how information travels through them. Thus, we arrive at our decisions based on these minds. Based on things we've done before in the filing cabinet sometimes. Or going with our human mind. I can think of times when I've ignored the instinctive mind and the healthy human mind and went with the subconscious mind. Knowing it was not the correct way to go. But because of my thoughts convincing me that I would receive what I want. Or that things would have a different outcome. I was so mistaken. Retraining your inner self and your thoughts is quite a task. But one I will do and learn how to get there. And I'm worth it.
3 minds
Instinctional, habitual and human mind. It is hard for me to control my thoughts…
These are things I won't forget
We have three minds. What was amazing is that as he mentioned the ambulance while appeared where I was as I was listening whole driving
Three minds.
I learnt that there is a reason that we do the things that we do and it is there to protect us rather than work against us, it’s about using the correct mindset given the situation.
Instinct, Habbit, Choice
The first two levels of our mind follow automations that are programmed physiologically (instinct) and psychologically (habbit). Only data that reaches the third level can be consciously acted upon