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Your Thoughts Determine Your Happiness

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Your thoughts are the precise mechanism by which you decide your life. "Thoughts" are the succession of words and sentences spoken inside your mind (and at times, aloud). In this episode of CBT 'Best Practices,' we begin with one of the fundamental principles - the importance of your thoughts. Learn a helpful tool to bring greater awareness to how and what you think - in all moments. When you practice observing your thoughts, you understand why you feel the way you do. There is a lot to take in, in each of these episodes include takeaway strategies and tools that you can immediately apply in your life! Listen with a way to take notes so that you can turn each episode into the change that you seek in your life!
From the community
19 reflections
I learned that I have a lot of anxiety because of my thoughts, inner dialogue. I’ve known this for quite some time but thought I had a strong hold of tools to help. I do not. I need to practice and be stronger yet;
this one's a nice practice to calm down and relax. much needed!
Interesting insight
I learned my thoughts are my feeling at any given moment I need to learn how to think through them
I learned that what you tell yourself, your inner dialogue/ your thoughts are so critically important for determining how you will feel and what you do --your actions and reactions
This session helped me to come up with ideas of how to accomplish tasks for the day. I often have fleeting thoughts.
I learned that I must think about what I am thinking about! I also learned that if I train my fleeting thought, I control how I respond to certain triggers and I can correct my behaviors.
Sad today
House is a mess No motivation to work Food is not healthy Like what the heck !!
Really love this session.
This session brings so much joy and I feel peaceful and at ease.
Intro to CBT
I learned that my inner dialogue/thoughts play an integral role in my feelings and responses to situations. Thoughts can be learned behaviors and just like any “bad” behavior, negative thoughts can be transformed, starting with self love.
Overcoming “negative thoughts”
I learned that, as much as possible, I am able to control my thoughts and delve into a more POSSITIVE direction.
My journey
I learned that, through introspection, I am able to modify and change the course of my thoughts by analyzing and changing their trajectory to a more POSSITIVE outcome.
I have been responding to and controlled by my thoughts and
Emotions for all of my life so far. If the relationship with Dave hadn’t ended it wouldn’t have had this opportunity to truly reflect and learn. My future should be happier now that I am starting to overcome the negative, critical and fearful thoughts I have been plagued by.
My husband
Well… my husband has said hurtful things once again that have just me throughout the night and on into my next day -bringing tears and pain, regrets of reconciling with him. Questions of if this is going to be all the future I will ever have with the man, tears and pain and him not even giving a damn that he’s hurt me once more. He looks at me hurting and the ass feels nothing - unless it’s pride in his accomplishment. My hurting no longer bothers him. My tears no longer pull at his heart. He loves seeing me suffer. What type of person takes pleasure in another’s pain and suffering - Ken Brown does!
My thoughts my thinking orders my perception of the universe
Puts responsibility on me the thinker and the observer of my thoughts
Knowledge is Power
I learned something today, what I learned has given me power.
My thoughts
My thoughts are currently telling myself a more positive feeling/thought than my typical negative one. Feels like lying to myself still but it’s working.
Self talk
Thoughts define how you act and how you feel. Checking if your thoughts, your perceptions, are true is essential to avoid being overwhelmed and returning to being self confident.
Thoughts & Happiness
Great lesson. My thoughts are important to being happy. I need to be mindful of them.
I learned that what a think is way me more far reaching than I once thought
Myšlenky tvoří myšlenky
Naučit se a vědět tohle dřív, předešla bych tolika nepříjemným věcem. Ale to je část procesu, nejsem na sebe naštvaná, že jsem se předtím nesnažila jít víc do hloubky. Teď už vím jak na to a začínám to praktikovat. Vojta, právě teď myslím na něj. A proč? No, to je snad jasné. Nebo taky není. Ani nevím proč, ale zároveň vím.