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Your Power Is in Your Presence

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Your power is in your presence. Enough said. Just do the meditation and feel the difference.
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Beautiful, and just what I needed
I went to bed quite depressed, and woke up the same way. Listening to this beautiful meditation upon waking, I started to feel lighter and by the end was visualizing myself filled with light and having grown beautiful, big, angel wings. Thank you!
Powerful energizer
I feel uplifted and energized. I will definitely listen to this one again. It’s a good way to start your morning; to get a little inspiration and energy and set your intention.
Not my favorite practicioner
Bradley's Aura sessions don't ”do it” for me at all. I appreciate the time he takes to deliver a fully realized audio track for sure. But I find the ”learning” to be on the ”light” side. As per my norm, I let Aura deliver me a track based on the ”how are you feeling” question on the home screen, and I usually just listen to whichever track it delivers. If I feel I need ”more” I’ll explore the stories library, or even just do a second session. I'll do so now.
This guy is most likely a Christian & I know this because he kept saying “realize that u are blessed.” Only Christians speak like that & maybe I’m overgeneralizing, but he had that sort of “I’m going to Heaven & ur not” sort of thing going on. I HATE that holier than thou way of’s SOOO POMPOUS!!!!! Anyway, otherwise it was enjoyable...I didn’t fall asleep or anything but it was relaxing & for that I am thankful!!
Fuel for Body/Mind
This is a wonderful meditation to begin your day with. It helps ground you, send light throughout your body, as well as help you set your intention for your day. It feels like Fall here today which I decided to do this meditation sitting outside in my backyard. On every inhale I could feel the fresh crisp air filling my body with energy as well as my spine becoming grounded in the earth below me. On the exhale feeling gratitude for connecting with myself as well as being grateful for what Mother Nature is providing for me at this moment. Then visualizing a ball of light starting at my spine working its way up to my crown giving my body energy and getting rid of any darkness from within. I could feel my energy levels increase with every inhale, found myself smiling, and feeling like I just gave myself a big hug. Wishing all of you a peaceful relaxing Sunday! Namaste 🙏
Your presence is your power
I felt a bit euphoric after this meditation. It was wonderful to be coached through the breath work. Thank you for your gentle guidance🙏
Yeah , this meditation
Made me so happy! After I did my Coffee Meditation, I did this & it made me feel much better. Will you meditate to it too? Thanks ☕️🐝🙏🏼🐝☕️
Rainbow Body
We are all connected through our breath. When we become aware of our breath, we arrive in the present moment. It is within the present moment where we come to realize that our power is in our presence. Getting settled on the bench underneath the mimosa tree, I began breathing consciously and arrived in the present. Giving myself a quick body scan, I relaxed any areas that were holding tension. Breathing in more air than usual, I focused my awareness on my spine. Visualizing a ball of light suspending at the base of my spine, I inhaled and brought the ball of light up my spine to the crown of my head. On my exhale, I lowered this ball of light back down my spine to its base. With each new gas exchange, this ball of light began to get bigger and brighter, allowing for more energy to be produced. After a few rounds, Bradley gave me some time to explore this ball of light elsewhere in my body. Allowing my imagination to run free, I visualized this ball of light suspending at my root chakra. Breathing in, I activated this ball of light to begin going through my chakras, one by one. As the ball traveled through each of my chakras, it began to change color that corresponded with the chakra. By the time it reached the crown of my head and suspended in air above it, the ball became all the colors of the rainbow. On my exhale, this rainbow ball traveled back down, healing and my chakras until I felt balanced. Once balanced, I envisioned this rainbow ball going from the top of my head to the tips of my toes on my inhales and exhales. After a few rounds of breathing this ball up and down the entire length of my body, I became a rainbow body. Being filled with the beautiful colors of the rainbow, a smile came over my face. Indeed, my power is in my presence! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Grateful Start
I learned that I can practice calmness and life through the breath and then transition to my thoughts to set my intention of the way I want be be today. Very grateful for the inner calm
This is an incredible meditation, as are most of Morris’s. This meditation increases gratitude but its most profound effect is the surge of energy it introduces. This meditation awakens and enlivens even the exhausted and the hopeless.
I hold listen to this every night!
A ver beautiful meditation and I really could spend time every night listening to this! Very calming and a pleasure to listen to!
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