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Your Life and How You Live Begins Now

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In the recent weeks and months we have witnessed much political up-cries as our leaders are being asked - demanded - that they consider how policies and political influence needs to stand for what matters; that they need to think far into the future. It is not only the economy that needs an uplift but perhaps more so, it is how we think. We must open our minds to what needs to change is at the forefront of everything.   Gravely the violence, the prejudice, the racism, the fear and the lack of knowledge that we have witnessed is but a microcosm of what needs to change; of what is changing.  Our lives stand for something; they matter.  They inspire and drive conviction; to be a never-ending voice that teaches our children; that retrains our way of thinking and the beliefs that we hold so that we may all live in light; no longer in the darkness that has shrouded our minds for so long. This is our global awakening; this is our new world. This is your opportunity, your time, your free will that will choose what will be. When you feel uncertain; and there is much that is still unknown, remember to decide what is in your power to choose; to reclaim, to live awake, because in this time everything that you have ever wanted and desired now is before you. It is of your choosing. Only you can choose this. You are not alone, everyone has their own path to walk forward in. The life that you once lived is forever changed. You embrace the present. You may witness all of the moments of your life as you look forward and feel grateful of these many joys that are possible because you choose this. Everything becomes significant. Everything becomes a possibility and something worth asking for. Your life and what you live begins now.  Choose your life. Live in peace. Begin this now. I hope that you will have the experience of listening to the full episode; there is much here to inspire and uplift and to help you set your course into the future.  Namaste! xo 
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My heart is heavy
with all that going on these pass four months have been frustrating to say the least! This Virus and know George Floyd being murder by police officers! It’s really a lot to take in..
I read this through before listening...I’m in Australia so circumstances are different here. However, hearing these words has given me a greater understanding of just how wrong it can be. How the justice system can fail. How prejudice can ruin lives. This enlightenment is deeply moving. I can use this in my own life moving forward. In the knowledge that I shall try harder to show kindness and compassion beyond what I have felt before. Thankyou Dorothy...your message is beautifully strong💝
Walter J
Powerful ideas, thoughts and suggestions given here by Dorothy! She touches on many truths and brings them together nicely. Having studied and practiced much of what she touches on here for years, I believe it boils down to this: there is only One energy from which all things are made. When we help this energy in any way - we help all of us. When we hurt any part of this energy- we hurt us all. There are no secrets as Universal Law is all-knowing, absolute, always in play and all powerful. The Golden Rule has much wisdom “Love your neighbor as you Love yourself!” And it starts with loving yourself! We are all One, so it boils down to Loving yourself more and you are actually loving others more. Love is the language of the Universe, learn to speak it fluently and everyone benefits! ❤️💚🍀
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