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Your Deepest Sleep Tonight (Strong)

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Nicholas Wright
Sleep Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
In this strong sleep hypnosis, I will first relax you with calming, gentle words, before deepening your trance with hypnotic language that will help your conscious mind drift away while keeping your subconscious engaged. While you are in trance, I will continue to relax you with guided visualizations that will help quieten your mind. A key theme of this self-hypnosis is of guiding your awareness away from past remorse, regret, and upset, and away from future anxiety and fear. Negative thinking – whether looking backward or forwards – creates anxiety and can lead to other stress-based issues, including OCD, insomnia, and depression. This session will help steer your mind into the present moment, where you will be free from emotion and time.
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9 reflections
Deepest sleep
I enjoyed this. I fell asleep! I have to listen again. I wondered why my phone is in my bed!
Deepest sleep
I once again fell asleep very quickly and I'm writing this the next morning. I listen while I'm in bed with the lights off. I found my phone in my bed again. I had a deep sleep until this morning. Thank you thank you. 🙏
Good night
This was the best nights sleep so far. Fell sleep fast and slept all night.
Peaceful voice. Asleep in just a few minutes.
Clear the mind. Assume a mental state of calm by learning to let go of thoughts that deal with both the past and future.
Calm the mind
I can fall asleep when I’m alone even when I have a lot on my mind
The best sleep I've had in my life.
I slept so soundly that I don't know what to think about it! I couldn't have listened to it for more than 5 minutes before I was sound asleep.
Totally relaxed……
Although I have listened to this many times as it is my favorite hypnosis session, this was the first time that I actually listened all the way through….so completely relaxing and comforting……I felt like I was actually floating in my own private lagoon, continents away from any of my current stressful time pressures…this has become my nightly go to for sleep… thank you Nick! 🌀 💤
Deep Sleep
This is my favorite session as in less than 30 minutes I am completely relaxed and fall asleep before the end every time.
Interesting… didn’t expect this. was a nice domain of knowledge.