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Your Anxiety Is Not You

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This client story echoes the work of alleviating anxiety for so many who struggle with the world’s biggest mental health problem, and the special friend who helped her life (far more) of the time, in the present moment. Do you have a question for me? Please send it to Namaste!
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Your Anxiety is Not You
Refocusing on what’s actually going on around you rather than the nervous chatter in your head is exhaustive, because it has to happen over and over and over again, potentially for the rest of your life. BUT - listening to things like this can make it easier. Being reminded of how many other people go through the same (millions and millions, about 4% of the global population) can make you feel like you’re a part of a global race towards the end instead of alone.
I feel somewhat calmer I notice that focusing on breathing helps to refocus thought too
I learned that breathing and focus go hand in hand. Also, some days I feel great and this practice is hard, while other days it feels more complicated even thought the process of calming hasn’t changed.
As i was almost passing this meditation
Synchronicity.. I had to take a good look at myself this morning.. This story reflects to I... Following the path of my fears, i came to my own uncounter.. Who am I is starting gradually to transcend to I am who.. masks i didn't even know was there are falling gently.. The revealing being is astonishing and beautiful 🦋 May everyone follow there fears which is the gardian of your true self.. You are a TRÉSOR and you don't even know it.. Facing your fears with kindness and without judgments IS the way of seeing.. We weren't alone.. Not even one moment.. You're not alone 🦋❤️🦋
it seems like there's almost NO ONE without some sort of anxiety. But still, it's not "incurable" 😉 thanks a lot
Overidentifying with my anxiety
I learned that I connect my anxiety to who I am at my core a little too much. I want to view it as something I can change and improve, not something I am burdened with forever
Evasive Thoughts
My “what if’s” (always the worst case scenario => anxiety) are evasive (invasive??) thoughts that take me away from the present moment.
Tired but I can listen snd get insights
Tuning on to what I believe about myself and tell myself is not always situated grounded tested in reality. The child gives up tantrums loudly or runs to the room. The adolescent me got isolated and lonely for connection yet endured to find spiritual lessons. I feel like only now entering my 8th decade do I have a clarity a sense of myself that has more of a 360 inner awareness. Less fear more confidence and with that an ability to see others POV and not be so settled in my opinions about myself and the persons and experiences coming at me.
My anxiety is not ME
Anxiety doesn’t define who I am and what I am. Anxiety can be part of me, but not all of me.
Very good session love the idea of reframing thoughts on paper.
I learned not to be so hard on myself and to turn negative critical thoughts into positive ones.
Powerful reminder
Really needed this reminder. Felt like every single thing mentioned in here was describing me. Thanks for the wake up call.
Listening for my second time I realized your message in a more lingering way. I heard it before but now I’m embracing it. I am in control of what I think and feel. Thank you.
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