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Your 7 Minutes of Peace

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Cara de Lange
Burnout Expert & Coach
7 minutes that will help you get back into your body, release stress, let go and help prevent burnout to help you find more balance and calm in your day. No matter what is happening around you in your home, at work, or even in the world, notice you will become more stable and peaceful every day. As you listen to this every day you find yourself dropping into deeper peace and serenity.
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6 reflections
Simple rest so great
Try to let go so simple. Just what I needed right now. Try to make this a habit. Could be great wor work break.
What’s something I can do everyday to feel more peaceful. I will take a few deep breaths while turning over the room between patients to release any emotions/feeling built up with them
Peaceful and relaxed
I feel very relaxed after doing this guided mediation. It is my first day trying to meditate and it feels like it is already making a difference in my peace of mind.
Wonder start to what I know will be a busy Christmas Day, I am truly grateful for this meditation
My first meditation session
I carry a lot of tension in my body. After meditating for just 7 minutes, I feel more relaxed and at peace. Typically when I begin meditating I have so many thoughts that never stop - constant chatter. It wasn’t too bad today! I’m looking forward to incorporating Aura into my daily routine.
I feel relaxed and ready
to take on the day. I listened to this meditation back to back to catch the things I missed the first time. And wow. This one hit the mark. I struggled with a headache for 2 days bc of the stress at work and ended yesterday with a migraine. This meditation helped me get grounded and remember what’s important and what to let go. I’ve been so frustrated but holding it in. Releasing the tension that’s been building over the last few days has been crucial to diminishing the migraine. This session was helpful in going to today with a fresh start, and new perspective that I seem to forget when I’m in the moment. Saved to my ‘work healthy’ playlist. Thank you! 💕