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Your 3 Minute Morning - Acceptance

3 Min
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Life Energy Coach & Voiceover Artist
This is a short, gentle talk on "Acceptance". Many times we make our lives more difficult because we don't accept "What is". This creates tension internally, as well as, externally. This attitude blocks our creativity and understanding of what life is telling us. This talk offers suggestions on how to deal with difficult situations and how you can discover better solutions by accepting "What is".
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All day I’m going through events in the catalog of my mind and making judgments or expelling verdicts on what I am accepting and not accepting. Today I learned that I should lean towards acceptance. I can still do something about it, but I can approach it from peace and self control. Allowing me to be more creative with my ideas for solutions.
Accepting what is
Acceptance is one of the most powerful tools we as meditators can rely on when it comes to our on suffering. It is the release of going against the stream instead of going with the flow of the current. The resisting or wanting things to be different is the result of our own mental and internal suffering. Liberation can only come from ALLOWING things to be just as they are.