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You Really Are Okay

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Life Coaching
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Belinda Washington
Cl. Hyp., Life Coach, Voice Talent
We often become influenced by circumstances, outside pressures, inside pressures. Let this audio reassure you that you're not a "hot mess", "way out there" or "too much". You're just where you need to be right now, and you're only going to get better. Listen and let it gently guide you to shift your perspective about yourself.
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This is exactly what I needed to read!
Thank you so much for this. I laughed and cried. Such a gift! I’ve struggled with anxiety for decades, had a major depression a few years ago. The past week I’ve noticed my anxiety creeping in again and it scares me! I do not want to repeat that terrible experience. So I’ve upped my exercise and got this app. Thank you for hope. Blessings.
I'm okay
Excellent! This made me feel much better about being okay. Not listening to others that may judge me and tell me I'm not okay. I loved this.
Really Helpful!
I've heard this message many times from different sources, but Belinda's message really hit home. Her voice is wonderfully soothing, and I like that she spoke from the heart, not just reading a script.