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You Have Always Been Enough

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
This short meditation reminds you that Enough is not a destination. Enough exists inside of you. Using the powerful affirmation “I have always been enough,” you can begin to replace the negative self-talk you have been experiencing.
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11 reflections
I have learned that I am enough. Let go of the negative thoughts. Learn how Eric thinks.
Chose meditation
I can choose meditation over msn and that it is ok if after I have meditated if I do look at msn just don’t allow it to upset you
I am Enough
This made tears flow for me. I was not expecting that...I may repeat this meditation everyday for awhile. It brought many feelings to the surface
Right after
i think i need to do that every day to appreciate who i am and what i’ve accomplished
I am enough!
This filled me with confidence, self-love, and peace. Knowing I'm enough right now, and I always have been. It does replace those other thoughts. You know the ones. Those that don't serve me. You mentioned that within myself being enough has been there always. Untapped, waiting to be acknowledged. What a great feeling.
Just the track I needed this morning
Starting a new aspect to my job this morning. This affirmation that I am enough, I have always been enough is just perfect!
1. GRATITUDE (past/present/future)
2. Story: The Many SEASONS of Our Lives 3. I AM ENOUGH. __________________________________________ 1. GRATITUDE (past/present/future) I learned a new way to do a gratitude journal that feels more interesting, creative and useful: list in sentence form (or write a paragraph or more if you feel drawn to) three things you are grateful for: PAST I am deeply deeply deeply grateful I have gradually uncovered treatments over the past 28 years. I acknowledge that I am responsible for persevering through wanting to give up most of my life, finding enough energy & clarity of mind an dedication to research what illnesses I might be suffering from, identifying doctors and pursuing medical treatments that have brought me to where I am today— the healthiest I’ve been since getting sick in college. PRESENT I am grateful for my parents love, generosity and ability to support me when I need help. FUTURE I am grateful I will find a partner whom I love, respect, admire and deeply care about, who truly loves, respects, admires and deeply cares about me. _________________________________________ Story: many SEASONS of our lives Four children each experience only one of four seasons of a tree, each concluding that the tree is A. Ugly & bent over B. Full of green buds & promise C. Bursting with big blossoms among dense bright green leaves—the most beautiful thing the child had ever seen D. Ripe and Resplendent, dripping with fruit & deep nourishment _________________ I AM ENOUGH. I AM ENOUGH. I AM ENOUGH. if all the buts keep interrupting me, I can add a dialectic like I AM ENOUGH. and (i.e. I am temporarily living with my parents. I have a chronic health condition. Those realities do not negate that I am truly completely enough as I am.
I cried a bit, woke up this morning not feeling great.. thanks for the good vibes : )
I need to be less hard on myself and others around me, the audio was really soothing
I am enough, no matter what I do on top of what I am already, I am already enough.
I am enough
I am enough!! I have always been enough!! I WILL always be enough!
Melissa, I like this
So much! & I just discovered what we’re doing! ☕️🐝☕️ 🤪😜💦🦎😻🎁🐡🐳🎂🎉🎈🎊😺🌀🐶👩‍🏭🈳🥲🐎🐈‍⬛🐕🐑🦁✝️💟☯️☮️🫖🐝☕️
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