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You Don’t Have to Believe in Yourself

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Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher & Meditation Guide
Sometimes we feel great pressure to succeed. People tell us that we just need to have the right attitude; and when we don’t, we feel like it is our fault that life is not going the way it should. This session will help you to see that it’s okay to feel doubt and that your life can come together anyway.
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Nuanced Compassion
I enjoyed the nuanced approach towards self compassion and belief. This is exactly what I have needed to hear after all these years.
Jamie Keller
It takes a team
I learned that it’s OK to have moments that I don’t believe in myself. To have the biggest impact, you have to let others in❤️
This was absolutely excellent
I needed this today and maybe every day. Regardless, I’m glad for it and I would like to save it if I can find a way to do so to be able to keep playing it on a regular basis.