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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
I really enjoyed recording today's session! If you have not practiced what it feels like to feel relief and happy now in this present moment then you most definitely need to listen to this session!
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6 reflections
Loved every word!
I am in the middle of crisis. Hearing your message made me cry and think how happy I actually am. Thank you so much, Teena! ❤️
to be grateful and present NOW...
dont wait for a circumstance to be happy be joyful in the process/ the journey of reaching the daily mini goals He must increase, i must decrease It is well in mu soul !
I have arrived and am living in this moment!
Thank you to Teena and others along my journey who have led me to this place. I’m 74 and grateful!
Living in the Now
Ever since I read the book "The Power of Now" years ago I've been in the now more than ever. To reach the levels you speak of will surely take longer, but I feel good right now! I live in this moment. Now.
Delivered on a Sunday
There’s no way it was a coincidence that the light bulb turned on today… on a Sunday. It almost took my breath when Teena referenced the verse (paraphrasing here) “no one knows the time or day. You must stand ready” I’m always amazed when the Bible reveals its verses in another form to me… I thought that verse was simply saying to be ready for Jesus to come back… but it’s so much more than that!!! God truly wants us to be happy all the time & to lean on Him!! I’m standing here with sweat pouring off of me, finding it hard to catch my breath all because of how deep this revelation hit my soul today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!
Your mom being funny when she is in the now has made me realise what this vibration actually feels like. Now I am able to recognise it and come back to it!
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