I got this !!! 💜
Thank you so very much Cory 🙏🏻💐👋💜 for this short positive reinforcement. It was like and epiphany, all lights on the path ahead is all clear, go forth and conquer the world and release any fears Sammy!! I loved it. I needed it and I will take it thank you!! I am going to be having an interview for starting a new job Monday and so very much is riding on me getting this job and keeping it. The pressure on me is so heavy I can hardly breathe as it will change the course of my life so drastically. I have to get this job or I am literally in the gutter, rock bottom. My immediate thoughts on hearing this were, Sammy this is what you need to hear, Download it and play before walking into interview Sammy. Remind yourself; I have more than enough, I am more than enough, for this job, I got this. 👋 hi5 me! I can see me replaying this track very regularly to dispel all doubt from even entering my mind about everything. Glad it’s on my phone now so anywhere and anytime I feel like it’s getting too much and I begin to doubt myself. It’s such a quick and positive affirmation to oneself. There will never NOT be enough time before anything I need to do NOT to play it. Be 5 mins early to life, pause and play it and then continue on with life and you can not fail Sammy. Everyone needs to listen to this and take it in and take it to heart. Belief in oneself after so long of self doubt is always a challenge but this make you feel you can do whatever you need and want to do. Download it !!!! and play it again and again as many times as you need to believe it subconsciously, even be able to verbatim recite it, when you can’t access your phone. Let it be your go to pep talk especially right before you have something big on and convince yourself you aren’t good enough. Bless you Cory for giving me a gift 💝 of future. 🖤💜