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You Are The Art Of Infinite Light

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Jennifer Louise Ayodele
Meditation and Wellness Professional
If you are feeling stressed, lost, confused, unworthy, or generally caught up in the whirlwind of recent years? Melt to sleep with a poetic reminder of the Artwork that you are. Nature intended humans to wake up & recognize the wonder that is all around us, forming & within us. You are a delicate creation of photons, atoms, cells, fibers, proteins, bones, nerves, veins, fascia, organs, muscles, tissues, fluids, enzymes, senses, neurons, electric, we are organic, living earth, one of the most complex sculptures known to date. We have been taught to see our bodies as separate from nature & secondary from our Homo-Sapien mind. But our body is ALIVE, it is art in motion. To feel & know this reconnects us with the miracle we're living in.