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You Are Not Your Thoughts

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
It is easy to get lost in our thoughts and become identified with our thoughts, leading to suffering. This guided meditation invites the listener to observe thoughts, without become identified with them, and experience self as that which can observe thoughts.
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11 reflections
A good reminder
For me this was a nice meditation and a good reminder that we can be separate from our thoughts. Sometimes for me I am to focused on things that I am thinking and this reminded me that I can slow down and just be for a bit.
I am not my thoughts 😊
I find this meditation to be so important for me! My thoughts affects me in many ways, and it generates a lot of anxiety. So imagining myself to be separated from my thoughts, to be like the sky which isn’t affected by the clouds, will help me to be detached from all the thoughts that I can create. A big thank you for this meditation! 😇
I learned that it's better to let go of your thoughts and fears on something that isn't actually real because I got to watch this new movie trailer for a new live-action Disney movie. That was really terrifying. And now that I did this I feel so much better about it and I can finally go to sleep with no fears.
Neutral Observation
Allowing thoughts to flow through my mind, observing without judgment, helped me not to hold onto anxiety, stress, sorrow, anger, or irritation. What a great reminder!
This is really nice
I want to share this with you. It’s so easy to take yourself down, but in the end, you are just not your thoughts! Have a Groovy day!
A Good Type Of Disconnect
I usually think we are defined by how and what we think, but actively making myself sit back and observe the inner monologue we all have helped shift that. I don’t have to be bound to everything I think. I can watch my ideas flow and move without them affecting what I’m doing or having them be input into who I think I am in this moment or overall. The ability to step away is, to be slightly over the top, empowering. These are only pieces of me, generated from my mind, that I can observe and not just get lost in.
I am not my thoughts
I tend to get caught up in my thoughts, thinking and overthinking everything. I allow anxiety to rule and easily become overwhelmed by the “what if’s” and the worse case scenarios. But this meditation helped me to realize that I am not my thoughts, and they do not control me. They are there to be observed, sorted for usefulness, and sometimes acted on. I do not need to let them control my emotions or my actions. I am in control. My thoughts are simply clouds in the sky of my mind.
Did you know that the “average” person has 60,000 thoughts each day? (I knew I was above average in something LOL) If if you listened to only 10% of those thoughts (600), you would be a raving lunatic! Which brings validity to the phrase “ you are not your thoughts.” ❤️🤓🤪
you are not your thoughts
we can often get so caught up in our thoughts and feel like they’re drowning us, and then we react because of them. when I’m actuality, only you can give them power. I’ve been practicing, acknowledging my feelings and thoughts but not making them get a reaction out of me. rather I sit with them, and dissect why that thought was brought up in the first place, and this is how you become free from your thoughts.
I am not my thoughts!
I learned that I can just observe my thoughts from a distance and I am not my thoughts!
Observe, witness, separate my thoughts! More magic for today!
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