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What You Have Been Taught to Believe

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
“Who you are is not what you have been taught to believe. Who you are is the most incredible being of love.” For whatever behaviour (or belief) is unwanted and yet appears to be so deeply ingrained, ask yourself, “Where did I learn this?” I ask clients to trace their problematic behaviour, belief system, or unhealthy habit - back to an earlier time – a time in which they first remembered observing this behaviour in another person, or - if applicable - of their self. To find its originating point means that it was learned and therefore may be changed or unlearned and replaced with something of your choosing. We learn so much about our self by reflecting on what we have been taught to believe. Namaste!
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Cyndee 🌊
Realistic for me...
Just listened to this new track and found it very realistic. I connected with Dorothy’s reasoning and logic on how our undesired behaviors are usually learnt from someone else. This is a 14min lecture and I will probably listen again bc my mind wandered a bit and during that time I didn’t absorb all that was said.
Self Awareness 🙏🏻
I listened to this just now with no expectations. I will listen again. Dorothy’s wisdom once again shines forth like a beacon of hope, light, and truth. Learned behaviors can be changed. I don’t believe that all of our responses and reactions are necessarily a result of childhood experiences. Mine, rather, are based upon occurrences that transpired once I became an adult. Wonderful session; we can acknowledge our behaviors, their roots, and chose a different path.
I've noticed that this is the way I've lived most of my life. I have lived by what others taught me and not who I am. my excuse has always been that they have more experience so it must be right, and in doing so I have ended up where I am. Unsure, stressed and depressed not living my life.
Freedom to Choose
For fans of “East of Eden” you may know this as the Hebrew word “timschel” meaning “thou mayest or thou may not” - in other words, we are given the freedom to choose, although many of us may not have been aware of that. This life coaching session is packed full of thought provoking ideas. In fact, there’s so much that it is going to require a second listen for me. Be aware if you are considering this, that the 7 minute version is actually 15 minutes long.
I can’t occupy things that no longer serve me
I understand my past, I accept my past, now, I move on from it. I need to unlearn the unhealthy ways of dealing with situations when I’m angry or any other emotion. I understand that I’m human and I have feelings. I need to find healthier ways to deal with things, ways that I can be proud of. ❤️ namaste 🙏🏾
Origin of addiction
I saw my friends using, and their parents and I was taught that it was okay. I was never taught or saw addiction in my childhood home.
None of us go through childhood unscathed. For better or worse, each of us have conditioned attitudes and beliefs that we either adopted by direct experience or from learned behavior. In this profound life coaching wisdom session, Dorothy gives us questions to ask ourselves as well as a few ideas we can do to undo the conditioning. Because of the influence of power our parents had, we may have grown up doubting ourselves. Finding our point of origin and identifying these originated moments helps us to understand where we learned our past conditioning. We can do this by observing any time we feel a strong emotion rising up within us and then asking ourselves if this moment of reaction is from assumptions and preconceived notions that came from past experiences or something else. Once we identify our desired behaviors and the answer to this question, we have something in our arsenal that changes everything. The power to choose. We have the power to choose how we want to feel and how we want to be! In this way, we take back our power and don’t have to continue to be triggered by situations that may make us relive the past. Change requires us to have self awareness, patience and constant practice and effort. It also requires us to have forgiveness in our hearts for each time we find ourselves resorting back to our old patterns of behaving as well as a perseverance to continue on the path to who we are becoming. Knowing that we can reclaim our lives through free will and choice allows us to reclaim who we really are; an incredible being of love. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Here we experience the difference between “react” and “respond.” When you react to something, it is usually a stimulus-response. What is the stimulus causing you to react yin this way. To Respond is entirely the opposite. When you “respond,” to a stimulus you are creating a choice. “I will do/or not do this.” “I will speak or I will be silent.” “I respond with love or ... I do not.” ❤️🙏☮️
I like the Life Coaching bits
I can probably start with this and then lead into a longer meditation.
Truly thought-provoking
I really got something out of this because I resonating with it. I’ve always had a problem with lying and I feel like this might just be what i need to move on fro that portion of my life.
I am going to add unlearning myself to my morning well being hour ❤️ Face my bad habits and things I wish myself to be better at such as holding down a job and putting words into motion 🙏
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