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You Are Not What You Have Been Taught to Believe

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
“Who you are is not what you have been taught to believe.  Who you are is the most incredible being of love.” For whatever behaviour (or belief) is unwanted and yet appears to be so deeply ingrained, ask yourself, “Where did I learn this?” I ask clients to trace their problematic behaviour, belief system, or unhealthy habit - back to an earlier time – a time in which they first remembered observing this behaviour in another person, or - if applicable - of their self.  I call this "a point of origin.”  The purpose of looking for the origin of a behaviour or core belief is to establish a starting place from which you may begin to understand that this behaviour (attitude, belief, or thought pattern) is not entirely of your making.  To find its originating point means that it was learned and therefore may be changed or unlearned and replaced with something of your choosing.  We learn so much about our self by reflecting on what we have been taught to believe.
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7 reflections
You don’t have to live the life your parents taught you to have. Go your own path. Embrace your inner self.
Finding my true self
I am finding my true self, I don’t have to live up to expectations of what my parents believe I should be, this is beyond freeing for me💗
You Are Not Your Beliefs
Most of our beliefs are learned as a child and may not represent who we really are. Explore how you think and react about yourself, others and situations
We can find origins of behaviors, it’s hard, but think!
My dad was a teller and had a curt attitude with my Mom and sister. I must have learned it’s ok to spout off and not be patient. I need to be more patient. I need to not show frustration when Mom is slow or not well so that I cannot leave home. I need to be fine and not antsy when I get to be at home! 8 minute program....think I saw Mom so mistreated by others I feel I have the right to carry on also????? I learn by watching. I think I can get a better understanding in time of how to stop the frustration and enjoy this time more.
Changing behavior
From this meditation, I learned but not all human behaviors are not entirely production of human minds. Rather, the things we’ve learned in childhood influence our behavior as adults. Unfortunately not all habits we’ve learned in childhood serve us well in adulthood
Letting go…
of learned behavior patterns to allow my true self to be revealed.
I grieve.
I learned that maybe I’m conditioned to grieve in a certain. To devastate myself in the name of love. Can I choose a different response??
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