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You Are Not What You Have Been Taught to Believe

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
“Who you are is not what you have been taught to believe. Who you are is the most incredible being of love.” For whatever behaviour (or belief) is unwanted and yet appears to be so deeply ingrained, ask yourself, “Where did I learn this?” I ask clients to trace their problematic behaviour, belief system, or unhealthy habit - back to an earlier time – a time in which they first remembered observing this behaviour in another person, or - if applicable - of their self. I call this "a point of origin.” The purpose of looking for the origin of a behaviour or core belief is to establish a starting place from which you may begin to understand that this behaviour (attitude, belief, or thought pattern) is not entirely of your making. To find its originating point means that it was learned and therefore may be changed or unlearned and replaced with something of your choosing. We learn so much about our self by reflecting on what we have been taught to believe.