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You Are Getting Signs!! Pay Attention!

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Life Coaching
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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
The Universe is always knocking itself out to give us signs and symbols on the issues that we have in our lives, but are you listening! You have to be in the receptive mode in order to hear what the Universe has in store for you!
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4 reflections
Teenas voice is so rich and it helps me so much. It’s like she was made just for me. She says just the right thing, I sent this session to all my family. EVERYONE NEEDS to listen to this session.
Listening and thanking
I do receive signs and I know they are random. I learned that I need to thank the universe for sending me signs!!!
The Universe speaks
Feeling the Universe is speaking to me. This session made me remember many of the times I have felt the Universe sending me signs of encouragement.
Nailed it!
Added to Listen Later.. something said Listen Now and Tina spoke to my soul like a revival. She posted this for me for right now. Thanks!