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You Are A Deeply Caring Person

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
We need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of the people and tasks in our daily life. Take a few moments to connect with yourself and to remind yourself that you are worthy of your own care and concern and the reason you feel stressed is because you are a deeply caring person. Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash
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Great Session
A great reminder of who we are and why we stress. If you're stressed this is a wonderful meditation in the moment.
I stress because I care
This meditation was awesome for this moment for me. My stress levels were rising and I could feel the initial symptoms of a panic attack. I immediately sat down and turned on Aura. I said I was stressed. It played this meditation. Symptoms are gone. I feel recharged and able to tackle my tasks. I do care about a lot of things. Sometimes I over care. I don't care for myself, in other words. I'm learning that I can care for myself and then be better able to care for everyone else and the tasks before me. Thank you for this.
I understood that I can learn what stress is. It can be useful. I can manage it. There is no need to beat me up if I cannot control everything. I do my best. It's OK, I'm free😌
Since I woke up this morning I was already stressed knowing all that I had to get done today. It's Sunday & I want to prepare for the upcoming week so I have tons to do! I was feeling overwhelmed & decided to meditate & this meditation was exactly what I needed. It reminded me that the reason I am stressed is because I am a caring person & I care about taking care of myself & others. It was such a positive reminder of my true intentions. 💛
I am a deeply caring person
I care too much about getting everything done and I push myself to get it done perfectly. I need to let go of some of that. A lovely meditation
I do care deeply
So deeply I sometimes forget to put boundaries down. That is what I learned, it is better to step back, regroup, and set some boundaries, especially when it comes to family drama. Thank you Kristy.
I probably don't have the stillness of thought or patience to use this app to it's fullest. That fast forward arrow was too tempting, and it got used! A lot! A three minute session took maybe a minute-thirty. I'll keep trying tomorrow, and strive to do better!
It’s okay to take 5 minutes to yourself to reduce stress. Just breathe and be calm. No matter what is going on in life you need to take time for yourself.
Self care
I learned that it’s important to be able to care for myself and I love myself.
I learned that I am stressed because I care. This makes me feel wonderful because often times I find myself feeling mad at myself when I'm stressed when I really just need to acknowledge that the reason I'm stressed is because I care so much. Lily you are beautiful and wonderful in every way. Continue caring about your life and you will find relief.
Time off
I learnt that you should take time off because you deserve it
I learned it's ok to feel stressed when you are
Trying to calm. Learned are am stressed because I Care and want to do what I need to do .i learned how to breathe.
I am having a hard time focusing. I feel like I am an over sensitive person, not deeply caring. Sorry.
Accepting it's ok
It's ok to be stressed, not to beat yourself up. And if anything it's a positive thing, cause I do care deeply, and it's what keeps me going
Caring person
I am a deeply caring person and that’s why I’m stressed. It’s not because I can’t calm my mind or that I’m not capable.
Am I?
It’s a comforting message, but I couldn’t stop a voice in my head that asked, “am I a caring person? Is that why I’m so stressed? How do you know that, Aura? You don’t know me!” Seriously though, couldn’t shake that thought. But definitely understand how that is likely part of the root of stressors, and that’s some consolation.
It’s okay
I learned that it’s okay to care about other things like school and your loved ones, but it’s not okay to not take some time to take care of yourself and appreciate your own efforts for others. Love yourself and understand that you’re worth it.
Take a Break
The world will be ok if I take a break and focus on myself. I do not have to solve all the problems today, right now. And it is ok to only focus on the things I have control over, things within my circle of influence.
It is really hard to take my mind of everything that is negative in my life.
A few deep breaths can calm me down for a minute but not for too long. I need more practice before this will become helpfull
Deep Identification
I can so identify with this meditation. I can sometimes get “control” mixed up with “deeply caring” about things. I can identify with being an overly caring person. As a matter of fact, my therapist helped me uncover this in a session years ago. I am sensitive and caring which I can sometimes see as an obstacle to my codependency behaviors so even though I need to have compassion on myself, it also ties in with my codependent behavior so I need to know how to separate the two.
Inside or below all my self is yours and the you that I recognize is a victory I will never surrender
Day 8
I just want everyone to be okay and i want to do a good job at school and work but im just so tired
I can acknowledge my stress as a reaction to me wanting to do everything and help everyone, when really I need to be putting myself first and take care of myself before I can help others.
A deeply caring person
In therapy I was taught to let go of things I have I have no ability to change ,as in “ worrying “ . Is this practice substituting “ worry” , for “ caring”? I wonder .
I tend to bottle things up till I can’t take it anymore and then explode. I am a caring person, sometimes too caring. It’s nice to be able to acknowledge this and release it in some way other than exploding on the ones I love the most. This practice was needed today.
As I’m nearing the end of the semester, my stress level has shot up this week (in correlation with an ever-growing to do list). I need to nourish myself, and realize that this feeling of stress is not a sign of failure (a worry that I often have of myself). Being a caring person and trying to fulfill everyone else certainly does not help either. I need to refocus my attention on me this weekend and cross off some of the items on my to do list.
Loved this meditation because it made me aware that the reason I'm felling stressed is because I care. Stress is motivating. When i look at it that way, I'm more kind to myself and accepting.
Deeply caring?
That’s another way to put it, but I still need the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
New Year’s Eve 12-31-17
I learned to admit that I am a caring person. My uncle has one more week here before he heads back home on the train. We have had our share of grimaces, but all in all we’ve had fun. The worst part, we both now have pneumonia, I had to go to ER this morning. At least we have each other. Thank you, Aura! Happy New Year’s Everyone!😀
Stressful day
I was super late of my mediation for today. But I took a moment tonight to go through this mediation and it was spot on to how o am daily. I hate that I care so much and feel that when I stop to care it makes me feel as though I gave up. Today’s reflection helped me realize that it’s okay to care but take my time when I need it. Not just when you had a melt down but whenever because you are important to. I saved this lesson in hopes to remind myself and share this with others that might be feeling the same way I do. I did feel some release in my tension once I truly breathed and let go of what today and other days made me feel.i will take this into tomorrow and continue my journey to a less stressed life.
Its not what i learned, but more of what i have accepted. I have always been told i care too much. I care too much about others opinions, thoughts, and actions. I care too much about fixing the bad in some. This has become of my best best and worst traits. But i have learned having this trait can cause unnecessary stress in my life.
I guess I just don’t know how to deal with my feelings anymore. I just tend to lock them up and bottle them until I reach my breaking point and it physically hurts my body
Thank you for caring.
Caring is part of life and to understand it is difficult. I feel better when I can learn about such things.
Even when I am super stressed just acknowledging that and what is causing me to feel like that is important. For the first time I feel like I have jumped a hurdle with myself because I am not blaming myself for the issues that I’m stressed about that I am truly feeling my self love from The inside out so that is a huge victory
Me time betters our time
This mornings meditation was a great reminder that we have to take care of ourselves so that we may better take care of the people we love. When I think about my life and my intentions, loving my wife and kids are always at the focal point. In order to give them my best, I must be my best. I wake up earlier everyday now to give myself the time I need to check in with my soul. It gives me the best reason to get out of bed every morning, to love myself so that i can pass it on to my family and everyone else in the world. The greater good always starts within ourselves. Have a great day everyone!
Day 1
I am a caring person and I also need to care for myself. I feel so much compassion for people but I feel judged by others and not good enough. I don't want to live in this world.
It’s okay to feel this way
Need to breath and let everything go That I need to take care of myself first to I can take care of others
Best meditation to date.
This told me just what I needed to hear today... to take time for me and that I’m stressed because I’m a deeply caring person and this is so true. Didn’t put the connection together before now!
First Meditation
I learned that this isn’t simple. It’s not an app that is going to solve all my problems, simply is tool I need to use to help myself grow and learn. I cannot please everyone and achieve everything. I need to take this as a jumping off point for things that matter to me. This is the start of me finding my way and figuring out who I am.
I care 🍃
I learned that I care about lot of things and it’s a good thing. I don’t need to feel worried and i can let my stressful feelings go.
Stress and caring
The more you stress doesnt mean your failing, it just means you really care.
Day 2
Biggest source of stress: potential breakup I learned that it’s okay to feel the stress and acknowledge it. It’s only because the things in my life are such a big part of me and I want to fix them. I need to remember that I can’t try to fix people or change them, but rather accept the reality of things and calmly find a way to resolve them within myself even if it doesn’t mean resolving the issue.
Caring can be stressful
The cause of stress is caring deeply about something. You worry because you think too much about one thing. It is okay to feel stressed or anxious, you just have to learn to let things happen and let them go
Self care
I need to love myself and take care of myself. I need to take the time to show myself love and do things to say thank you to my myself because I deserve my own love and kindness. When I love and take care of myself I can then spread that love and take care of others as well.
Feeling stressed accounts for much of my life. I am learning to take some time and take care of me. I am so thankful for Aura which reminds me often to take time for myself.
I Learned...
I learned that it is okay to wonder and want things for yourself sometimes.
I learned that acknowledging why I'm stressed is very helpful, as is reminding myself not to beat myself up.
I️ felt stressed about my upcoming tests and projects, but now that I’ve thought deeply about it, I️ realize that it’s only because I️ care so much about my grades.
I care and feel so deeply and beat myself up for my strong feelings. I need to nourish myself with compassion
It helped to notice that I’m stressed and overwhelmed because I care not because I’m inadequate.
Why do I always feel stress?
Now I know why I feel stress. Cause I am a deeply caring person.
Letting Go
I learned that sometimes it’s good to just let things go and focus on myself and my well being. I learned that it’s ok to feel the way that I feel, but what is not ok is letting the feeling rule my life.
i’ve learned that
meditation really helps me relax and become one with my enter self.
Deeply caring person
Great practice in how to acknowledge your stress and using the breath to release it. You are stressed because you are a deeply caring person. That thought made me feel better about my stress.
Walter J
Breathing in “Soothing” stuff was very helpful! It helped to put my mind at ease and calm me down... ahhhh. And then I heard a most profound statement that made a lot of sense and will help me in the future. I create a lot of stress in my life because I care so deeply!! WOW... That’s so true... if I did not care so much, I would not care how good I did my job, how responsive I am to my customers, how nice I like to keep my house and gardens etc. But I do care deeply, so I try to do all I do very well. Maybe too much energy spent trying to be perfect. But understanding that a lot of stress comes from caring so much allows me to understand WHY I feel the stress. So I need to acknowledge it and allow it to stay or pass on but not have the control over me anymore. This is a very freeing thought. Thanks Aura! ❤️☮️🍀
A Deeply Caring Person
The reason I feel stressed is because I care so deeply about things and people. Good observation
Handling stress better
I learned that by acknowledging the good intention/reason behind “why am I so stressed,” I can see things and situations in a more positive manner and not aggravate my stress anymore.
I am a deeply caring person
I learned that I care which is what gives me the sense that I must do it all, which is good
You are a Deeply Caring Person
I never thought of it that way... I am stressed because I care. Work, home, life, fitness, spitituality... it is all important to be and I care about it. Just breathe and focus and remember that.
It’s ok
After breaking off a long relationship it is ok to take personal time and enjoy yourself and do things you want to do now.
Awesome session that shed some light on how stress can be released because I can focus on my intentions for the stress. I deeply care about and want to help others, which causes my stress. I can stop being a people pleaser. It’s not as bad as it seems.
Learnt was actually a caring person a major reason I keep stressing on numerous occasions about wanting things to be done
Let it go, relax and stay calm
I learned that I'm stressed because I care about everything. I need to learn to let everything go.
Good intention
Nice concept that could have been less superficial. Good idea that should have developed more deeply.
You are a deeply caring person
This is a beautiful meditation. I started crying halfway through. My child was angry with me and a memory of my sister saying something hurtful to me came to mind. I tried to breathe through the pain and just feel it, accept it. I am a deeply caring person. Thank you.
Dealing with my stress
I have learnt that we cannot always control the situation around us but we can control our reaction. I feel stressed because I care deeply about many things but I choose to acknowledge it and be happy.
As soon as she talked about stress, all of my worries flooded into my mind.
I am able to gain back control over my thoughts when i feel anxious
ERIN Sinclair
Deepy caring destress
I feel really stressed out & I really need time to destress myself right now it’s time to relax & meditate
Beautiful meditations that I pretend are my best friends giving me kind, loving words to heal my soul.
Life shifting
Defining stress as the heart of a great career humanized me. I’m not going through something because I’m broken... Thank you. Thank you forever.
I’m stressed because I’m am deeply caring person I care so much about , everything and everyone
I am a deeply caring person
This statement made all my worried and stress melt away it made me realise that what I’m worried around is cos I care for it deeply. This gave me comfort and reassurance that what I’m doing is the right thing for my life as of right now thank you so much 💗💗
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