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Yoga Nidra | Stillness Within

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Dane Howard
Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Sound Healer
Yoga Nidra is a practice that allows us to enter the stillness within, the point of nothingness, connecting to the the source. This practice will help you enter a state of pure bliss where nothing else matters, just being. It helps you to forget all the stresses and worries of everyday life and for moments completely forget even who you are. Instead it allows you to just be. The practice starts seated and moves into corps pose lying down. It is layered with a hybrid Sound Bath and allows for a few minutes silence at the end of the Nidra before I bring you back to.
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2 reflections
Insomnia cured
I love Danes yoga nidra tapes. Along with photobiomodulation they have helped me cure my insomnia. Now if I wake during the night I just listen to a tape and go back to sleep. Unfortunately I haven't been able to listen to this and not fall asleep in the middle but I'm working on that. In this tape he says it's very important to stay awake and not move. in order to achieve that I'm going to start listening to this during the day before I get too sleepy. Yoga Nidra is excellent for curing sleep issues, but it's more than that. The benefits of YogaNidra carryover during the day, and I am less anxious and much more mindful and aware.
That was really powerful! I felt an intense uncomfortability in the left hand side of my chest and felt the energy drain out my body and felt deep healing take place.
I can heal my body through yoga nidra. I was able to release stuck emotions and that was linked to my intention for the practice.