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'Yes' Is Your New Mantra for the Upcoming Year

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM, we boldly step into the New Year with a Mantra 🎇and a plan of action, in which you embrace all that is possible; and all that is already on its way to you. Find a comfortable place as you settle in; as you hold gratitude and as you embrace a NEW MANTRA; a new perspective; and a new vision for the upcoming year in your life. I wish you all of the very best in this new year (and for whenever you are listening to this episode!) Namaste! 💜 💜love dorothy
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Say Yes!
Sitting quietly, I brought my focus to my breath and checked in with how my body felt by doing a simple body scan. In the here and now, I was ready to press play. While listening to Dorothy’s introduction, I felt my energy in my body begin to rise. Hearing her speak about the importance of saying YES to everything this year, my heart began beating with excitement as a smile formed on my face. I was asked what I was grateful for. Immediately, I heard the wisdom of my heart say, I am grateful to be alive. As I heard my own voice repeat those words, my body filled with appreciation. My lips parted once more to allow the words, thank you to flow out my mouth. Filled with thankfulness to be alive, my vibrations soared to their highest level. Listening to Dorothy speak about what mantras are and about the importance of “I Am” mantras specifically, I was moved to think of one of my own. Immediately, I heard the wisdom of my heart say, I Am confidence. I speak my truth with conviction. Hearing these empowering words, I I actually felt my truth. Relishing in my truth, I heard Dorothy say a very profound “I Am” mantra and was asked to recite it. Repeating these words, I knew I was tapping into something that I can’t see. What I felt in my being was a pure love, a pure peace, a pure knowing. All I could think is how great it is to be alive! Filled with even more gratitude for having the opportunity to hear and recite this particular “I Am” mantra, my heart exploded with an immense joy! I say YES to new experiences! I say YES to joy! I say YES to love! I say YES to my life! Thank you, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I can change my thoughts just by saying yes to what uplifts me. Being cautious, saying no, and sitting back can be helpful in dangerous situations. But, saying “yes” to things/people we are grateful for can bring new opportunity, new attitude and draw new situations to us!
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