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Wouldn`t It Be Nice If

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
You guys are going to love this technique, it's a soft approach to getting everything you want. When you use this tool on a regular basis, it will naturally raise your vibration and that`s where all of your good resides. Cheers!
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It would be nice!
Wouldn't it be nice if I was mindful all the time? If I was able to get out of my own way? If I could anchor myself before my mind or ego reacts to something? If I could understand that when I encounter others, they aren't on the same frequency as me? Wouldn't it be nice if people accepted me for me? Great lesson, Teena. I like it. The idea of writing it down for 14 days and see where it takes me.
Wouldn’t it be Nice
I learned that I can speak in existence bay wants by affirming Wouldn’t it be nice if I…
Wouldn’t it Be Nice
I learned that all I need to do is speak in existence Wouldn’t it be nice if…
It couldn’t hurt…
Years ago at Christmas, my husband and I were in financial straits and were preparing to move into our pickup after sending our duds off with their dad on vacation. Having given up my fight, as I started to get in the shower, I looked up and I said, “$1000 couldn’t hurt.” When I came out of the shower, I had messages on my phone with gifts from friends who knew nothing about our situation for a total of $920.  I bypassed my ego and manifesting happened.
Teena…..Wouldn’t it be nice…
I feel this to be a great gift to set in motion. Made me feel happy just as a thought. Thank you!
Looking positive
I like it! A very realistic and reasonable approach to situations where affirmations would sound like an over reach
The best tool ever to bypass your ego
Omg this is the best tool to bypass the ego … and it’s so simple. I have started to use this as soon as I stopped listening. I feel better already. 💖
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