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Working Mindfully with Thinking

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
When we meditate, our minds are generally full of thoughts. Here we're learning to let them go, gently, rather than have them running the show.
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i loved this i will be using this very wonderful tool in my regular life :))
Working mindfully with thinking
Thanks for reminding me to go easy on myself when thoughts are distracting me during meditation practice. I am so quick to judge and appreciate knowing that it is perfectly normal to be disrupted this way. Now I will work on acknowledging these random thoughts and go back to my breath. 🙏🏻
Working Mindfully
I learned that I must release my anger toward a few people that push my buttons...I have cut the wires to them...but still need to ask them to forgive.
More about the art of ”labelling” the things which distract us during our meditation practice. Today, it's the fact that I'm going to be late for an MRI procedure. The youngest child was running behind today for school, but I managed to get her there eventually. Wife needs to be at school early today so I won't be TOO terribly late for that MRI. I'll just need to be OK with being somewhat late to the imaging center today I guess! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whatcha’ gonna do? That's life!
I learned that when I perplexed about something I can breathe and be in that moment and become calm.
Better thought then are created and I am in Possibility once again
Working Mindfully
It takes a degree of discipline to let go of thoughts that do not serve the higher good. Like cleaning house, it is, indeed, healthy to clear the mind of garbage thoughts to make space for things that matter - good things.
The mind can never be completely empty of thoughts, but I can choose to attend to the thoughts that serve me. And acknowledge, but pass by, the thoughts that do not.
Home Base
It is a discipline to recognize that thoughts have invaded our mind while we meditate. Instead of getting lost in these thoughts, we can guide our attention back to our home base, which is our breath. Placing one hand over my belly and the other over my chest, I felt the sensations of my body breathing. Eventually, thoughts became to appear in my awareness. I said to myself, ‘thinking’ and brought my focus back to my breath. While focusing on my breath, I became a detached observer of these thoughts, watching them go by like clouds in the sky. In this way, I wasn’t allowing thoughts to high jack my experience. Near the end of this meditation, I noticed my mind was still. Experiencing this ultimate freedom, I was able to become the awareness that was aware of this body breathing. Working mindfully with thinking gives us a chance to notice when and more importantly, which thoughts have entered our mind. When we recognize that we are thinking, we can redirect our awareness to our home base, where we can let go and experience peace within. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Oh there’s thinking & let it go...
Oh there’s thinking & let it go... when trying to relax and thoughts come back, recognize you’re thinking again and let it go. When you think about something you don’t want to, let it go
Letting Go of Thoughts
We all have many thoughts swimming through our heads and it can get overwhelming when you have too many in your mind but learning to simply let go of them and relax is the best you can do for yourself
Thoughts can creep in
I learned that it is ok for thoughts to creep in, take a not that it is there and then let it go and concentrate on your breathing
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