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Wise Words from Amanda Gorman

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
Today’s morning meditation will give you the opportunity to meditate on wise words from Amanda Gorman.
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Let it Shine!
In this beautiful meditation, Katie gets us prepared to receive words of wisdom from Amanda Gorman. Because I didn’t recognize the name at first, I did a little research and immediately, I recognized this brilliant poet’s face. At the young age of 23, Amanda is the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history. Sitting down, I found my breath or maybe it was my breath that had found me?! Sitting with my breath, my body and mind relaxed. With my ears keen on listening to every word, Katie recited Amanda’s words of wisdom to me. After listening, Katie gave me some time to contemplate. Left to the beautiful background music which filled my ears, I sensed how those words of wisdom from Amanda affected me. My heart soaring with love, peace and kindness, I was reminded of what truly matters in this life. It isn’t about materialistic things. It’s about love and only love. I thought about how vulnerable and brave one must be to be the light. Sure, one could get hurt. Sure, one could even look foolish at times. But, the rewards far outweigh any reason to not be it. Because we are light, having the courage to See it and being brave enough to Be it allows us to be true to who we are. Being our authentic self, we are reminded that love is all there really is. This beautiful light of love. As oceans of love, we realize those stories that keep us stuck are just waves. We realize that everything comes and goes. Thoughts. Emotions. Sensations. Experiences. We look around and realize there is something so much bigger than ourselves at work here. So, Let it Shine! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Amanda’s wonderful words!
I really enjoyed this track. What a beautiful way to create positivity in ourselves and to send that light out into the world. This is a great reminder for me when I am substituting in a classroom, to look for and connect with the light in the children, even the ones who are having difficulties that day.
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