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Wisdom of Your Body

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
During times of stress, pain and anxiety we can turn towards the wisdom of the body for insight and guidance. Your body is always guiding you, expressing information to help you make just need to take a moment to listen.
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4 reflections
Inner wisdom
Jaisa, great! Wisdom of the bones and muscles! Most powerful, wisdom of the heart and lungs! Also said hello to my hbp and made friends! Thanks.
Enjoyable Classic
Sulit gives a light playfulness to the classic body scan through her bouncy, effervescent voice and suggestions to greet pain and discomfort like an acquaintance. Otherwise, this is a good standard meditation with a sweet flavor.
Mindfulness teaches us to get out the welcome mat to welcome and accept as we are, however we are. In this amazing meditation, we bring our curious attention to every cell in our body by filling them up with our breath. By giving these cells our breath, we acknowledge, accept and welcome what is. I was intrigued into listening to this one because I’ve been asking for wisdom from my body to assist me in making a decision. Bringing out the welcome mat, I brought fresh eyes to how I was feeling right here, right now. Bringing curious awareness to the cells of my body by breathing into them, I acknowledged, accepted and welcomed the sensations I felt. When it came time to bring attention to my low back, a painful area, I greeted it with kindness. Breathing into both my physical and energetic bodies, I put my trust into them. This wasn’t easy, but something tells me that if I continue to be mindful, patient and awake, I will receive their wisdom when the time is right. Our body is always trying to communicate with us. When we tune into it, we open ourselves to receive its great wisdom in the form of sensations and thoughts. As Jaisa says, where attention goes, neural wiring and life force energy flows. Pay Attention! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Best Body Scan Ever!
I LOVED that she didn’t hurry from one body part to the other.
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