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Wisdom of Pain

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
A short mindfulness practice of accepting pain as it brings wisdom.
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11 reflections
Crying is healing
I have a lot of resentment still and hope I can work through it with mindfulness
Pain creates more compassion for others. Everyone goes through pain - it connects us
I can feel it in my heart. I can feel it in my gut. When I feel it I feel it so intensely. Sometimes it's to hard bear.
Without pain you are without compassion. Stay humble through the uncomfortableness and necessary painful ways in which you are meant to have.
The pain we experience can help us prevent pain for others by developing our own capacities for compassion and understanding.
Today I learned...
I learned that, there is pain in life. It is okay to have a little pain in your life. It makes you realize that nothing is perfect and pain will come a go. We can let the pain be carried on the wind and when we do we find that the wind will also bring us back happiness. The pain we feel is not forever unless we make it forever. We have the choice to let it go and live with it.
Living with pain.
I live with a lot of physical pain. It's good to be reminded that it is a natural process and that it can help me have a different viewpoint on the world... depending upon how I acknowledge it.
Pain connects us all
Pain is always around us but it’s how we deal with it, that helps. Don’t let fear of pain deter you from anything.
Embrace Pain
To embrace pain means that I must go deep inside my being to a place where I find discomfort. A place where I don't want to be yet always find myself. What if I embrace pain and see it as the beauty in life that strengthens my soul. When I try to embrace pain now I feel numb. My stomach ache lessens and I enter a dream. If I enter this dream enough can I be healed? To bring myself out of this dream I must look at where I am, and embrace what's right now. I see a Loofa, I see soothing scents, I feel warm water wrapped around me like a blanket. I feel my breath shaking with lumps in between my airway. I am not in a dream. I am in life. This is real. I will focus daily on embracing the wisdom of pain
Pain is unavoidable
I was listening to this talk that described the difference between pain and suffering. They said we have been conditioned to equate pain with suffering, which is why we tend to avoid pain at all cost. However, there is a difference between the two. Pain is unavoidable because there are many different types of pain. When we start a workout, our muscles are sore but we get over it. Or if what to start our day with a meditation practice early in the morning, it may be a pain to wake up. We can also learn from pain.
It was a good reflection of taking something we view as negative and turning it positive.
Pain is a part of use it and part of what makes us human. We pain is present use it the reconnect with your humanity.
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