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Winding Down Into Restful Sleep

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Hilary Lafone, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health Coach
Relax your body and mind with this winding-down sleep meditation. We start out with a muscle relaxation exercise followed by breathwork and a gentle visualization. Allow your mind and body to settle into a great night's rest.
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8 reflections
Gentle but effective
I had the best night’s sleep I can remember. I drifted gently into sleep after the session, was a lot less restless than usual during the night. Only one trip to the bathroom (I’m old!!), and straight back to sleep afterwards. I’ve woken feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I shall return to this meditation again and again.
Very relaxing
Also contains a good simple progressive muscle relaxation exercise, that is easy for beginners to follow.
Great!!!!! ThanksIiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I can sleep! I’m so happy! Thanks Again Kathy How do I get out of this journal thing?
Feelings and Thoughts: 4/4/23
While doing my meditation today, as a part of my pelvic floor therapy regimen that I am committed to, I noticed my ability to relax my mind more than usual. I’ve tried meditation in the past and it hasn’t been too helpful to me and I have never really been able to get my brain to “calm down” and I often get distracted and look at my phone or just stop the session altogether. But today was different. I was able to ease into things more, focus on my breath and start to be able to visualize imagery.
Didn’t sleep. Wired. But enjoyed the meditation .
I found the voice soothing and helped me relax but couldn’t fall asleep. I like that the music continues for a while after the meditation.
I felt tired and comforted
I was able to let go a little more and was better rested in the morning.
I felt excited to start a new habit
I was tired, and was up too late. I'm writing this as I woke up too early the next morning. Hope to get better sleep tonight.
Very good
Was great to help me fall asleep more easily. The tightening and the relaxing of the muscles really helps and I can tell an overall difference over listening to other meditations that aren’t quite as effective for me.
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