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Will You Look Back with Regret?

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We can get caught up with all the things we should do, "I should buy a house, I should have this kind of job, etc". Many of us don't stop to reflect on what's truly important to us and how we want to spend our one wild precious life. In this session, we explore the most common regrets that people have and encourage you to think about how you want to live your life.
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Response to Top 5 life regrets
I learned I relate to a lot of these things now. And think there’s going to be some changes coming, not all bad maybe (hopefully). But I pray for the courage to actually make the changes necessary. That will guide me to the happiness I know I deserve.
Satisfied so far...
I find that overall I am satisfied with the life I've lived/am living (so far anyway; seeing as how I likely already died several times in the last few years!😱) I have loved and AM loved. My main regrets revolve around the losses I suffered when I had my massive stroke, and the horrid aftermath I'm still living through. But I AM alive, so I am still here for my wife and children! That’s all that really matters now! I have been keeping busy attempting to reconnect to old friends from schools and churches I've been a part of throughout my life. Social Media has helped me be somewhat successful in this endeavour.
The narrator is difficult to understand Love the message and truth. Good advice
Will you look back with regret?
Thought provoking insights which touched me deeply today after losing a friend who died too young and too quickly.🙏🏻
Happiness is not a destination. It is an emotion or state of mind. We control our own happiness by the choices we make. Make the choice to prioritize the things you love. Not only will this make you happy, your happiness will promote positive feelings for those around you.
As things are at present, I know that unless I make some genuine changes in my life, I will have regrets. I am an empath and, as such, spend much of my time and energy experiencing the emotions and pain of others. I tend to put my own needs at the back of the line more often than not. I know that I need more self-care in order to experience more joy and fulfillment in my own life. I fully intend to incorporate self-care into my life as I continue to care for others.
Perfect timing
This is something that I needed to hear. I am having a trying time at work and this lesson put things in perspective for me. I know I need to make a few changes regarding work but have felt stuck, staying because it is comfortable even though the days are trying. Hearing these regrets has helped me see things differently.
Sarah Elizabeth
I have been totally focusing on the wrong things in my life. This session was an eye opener for me. All of those epiphanies are all the things I want in my life right now, or have always been wanting. But, I tuck them all the way in the back of my head, because I focus on the things others expect from me. I am going to write them down and read each one everyday, to help me start refocusing on what I want for myself in my life.
The epiphany I had the most difficulty with was living to the expectations of others. I have struggled with this my whole life trying to please all those around me and neglecting to bring my authentic self to the room. I constantly worry if I am “too much” to people to accept. I need to continue to reflect in order to begin to understand what I want for my life rather than what others expect me to achieve.
Appreciate these but not sure how to break out of them
I know I’ll have some of these regrets because I already do. I don’t know how to break free. It starts with work, but as more people leave and aren’t replaced, those who remain are continually expected to do more. Not sure how to break free. Finding another job isn’t the answer. It’s been this way in multiple positions I’ve had over the last 10 or so years.
Happiness is a choice - my new mantra!!! New affirmation - I choose to be happy.
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