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Why You Should Do Nothing

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When the last time was that you sat with nothing to do? In our busy lives, we rarely allow ourselves time to just do nothing. This track will help you to see the benefits of doing less, being more present, and soaking in the nature around you.
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8 reflections
Nice to sit quiet
Doing nothing is something we need to just do and not feel guilty about it.
Nature is actually quite noisy but with a calming effect. Many birds calling, splashes of water.
Bathing in Nature
When was the last time you did nothing? Our days are often full of many tasks with very little downtime. It is important to take a few moments to simply just be to give ourselves a break. It is very beneficial to our well-being. Bathing in nature is a simple way to do just that. You can take a few moments to just sit outside soaking up the sun, lay in the grass, go for a walk without having the expectation of getting somewhere, and taking in the sights and sounds around you. My intention for the day will be to make time in my day to enjoy the outdoors. To simply be for a few moments.
Sandra Kaumoana
I need to ground more often not hare off to do things, but to sit quietly and think about the fact that I am alive, in such a time as this!
Family Nothing Time
Realizing that I can do this with my kids, too. Stress free kids equals stress free mom.
Doing nothing
I never thought about how much I feared doing nothing. I need to be okay with just being with myself.
Dolce per Niente
The Sweetness of Doing Nothing. In today’s stressful world which may include daily work commutes and juggling a thousand other responsibilities- setting aside time to do nothing but be still especially sitting in nature - is like gelato ( ice cream ) for the soul!! So Good!!
Doing nothing
Peace exists outside of the constant need to do. I realized how many times I thought I was “doing nothing” and how I actually want to make the most of my time off work for the holidays
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