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Why You Need to Unplug from Technology for a Day. The Science of How a Digital Detox Can Improve Your Life.

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
What is the experience of a day in your life - best enjoyed - without the comfort and luxury of the internet, phone calls, emails, texts, and anything else that keeps you tightly enmeshed in the matrix?  How will you live off the grid for an entire 24 hours?  Why would you want to? One of the greatest contributors to our global levels of worry, stress, and sadness is the result of not having time alone with your self; whether in a solitude activity or for several moments of regular inner contemplation and reflection.  You may experience a degree of discomfort that you find released - soothed from choosing to use your unplugged time to be with you - and to establish a nourishing and positive relationship with your inner self. Join me in this Life WISDOM episode for the science of why you need to unplug.  Let me know how doing so has helped you to feel more 'connected with yourself'.  Namaste! xo
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Why you need to unplug from technology for a day
This is something I tried to do today. So this is a coincidence. Asa teenager, I struggle with this. This has reminded me how important it is as it allows you to become reconnected with yourself and your goals.
Wow! May I do this?
I have a practice of an almost Weaving Meditation; but this is a further way for existence that I cannot really do. I mean, I talk with this tablet or phone... hmmmm!
Walter J
This is a wonderful idea that a Dorothy suggests!!! Last Christmas I went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a weeks vacation. With drive time and a few visits I was away for 10 days. And I left my phone at home the whole time!! I know it sounds crazy, but: 1) I survived 2) I never really needed it (I did have an iPad if an emergency popped u) 3) I got used to not having it 4) I came back way more relaxed & refreshed 5) I did have (fake) feelings of vibrations in my pants pocket where I normally carry it. About the 20th time I check my pocket and found no phone I realized how powerful a habit I had developed on being a slave to it!! That was my big aha moment. A phone is suppose to be a tool that I use. Instead it had become a device that had me enslaved - to reach for it constantly, to stop whatever I am doing to answer it, to beg off a conversation with a live person to answer it - as if the person calling me was more important that the person I was actually in the same space & time with!! ( a big pet peeve of mine!) It was a most liberating 9 days (it took me 24 hrs to adjust) I believe I am still sane because I leave my phone inside when I do my gardening ( which is nearly every day this time of year) And I hide it on a Sunday’s so I am not tempted to spend time on it. I mean hey I grew up without it so I am not completely dependent on it like many youth today. Downtime (away from electronic) allows me to do live meditations (sometimes for hours), garden Yoga, dream build what I want my future to look like, feel like & Be like! It allows me to Think deeply, reflect & contemplate the meaning of life and how I can best utilize my time & talents. Most importantly it frees me up to live my life right now! To enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the moment. To focus on who I am with and really show appreciation for them and our time together. I think it should be something we should all do more often... break free from the bonds of technology and live free!! 💚🍀
I’m Ready
I’ve been on my phone less and less lately, with greatly decreased activity on social media. I think I’m ready to try a 24 hour detox. I’m actually looking forward to it.
Challenge Myself, Reflect with my thoughts!
This one will challenged me, as I (like many others) live on my phone as a small business owner. I work seven days a week. I will try short bursts of time that I would usually fill with technology, and instead just be with myself and reflect on my day, my thoughts, my feelings. Thank you for the challenge Dorothy!
I never take a day offline . I should .
I’d like to go hiking more often and take the chance to . I think the nature would be the perfect environment to do it .
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