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Why You Must Be Self-Reliant

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
TRUTH SERUM: There will continue to be uncertainty. You must become certain about what you want and how you wish to live your life.  A-HA MOMENTS: This time is a time of freedom – freedom from what has held you hostage from yourself. What you will choose to be a new set of practices and beliefs that you will hold; will allow you to rebirth yourself into something more, something better. PRACTICAL WISDOM: You need this time to awaken; to set in motion this new stage of your life. You already have everything that you need for this. In this episode, I share real life client stories as we discuss reliance and self-responsibility; to no longer give away our power to those who are truly not responsible for it and to make new choices that will honour our integrity and authenticity over greed, ego, and a fragile and fear-based model that has up to now dictated to us what we should do. I hope this episode inspires you to be self-reliant; and to choose with greater autonomy what will allow you to feel, innate happiness.  Namaste! xo
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