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Why You Must Be Self-Reliant

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
TRUTH SERUM: There will continue to be uncertainty. You must become certain about what you want and how you wish to live your life. A-HA MOMENTS: This time is a time of freedom – freedom from what has held you hostage from yourself. What you will choose to be a new set of practices and beliefs that you will hold; will allow you to rebirth yourself into something more, something better. PRACTICAL WISDOM: You need this time to awaken; to set in motion this new stage of your life. You already have everything that you need for this. In this episode, I share real life client stories as we discuss reliance and self-responsibility; to no longer give away our power to those who are truly not responsible for it and to make new choices that will honour our integrity and authenticity over greed, ego, and a fragile and fear-based model that has up to now dictated to us what we should do. I hope this episode inspires you to be self-reliant; and to choose with greater autonomy what will allow you to feel, innate happiness. Namaste! xo
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6 reflections
Content great- foreboding music
I found the content good and thought provoking. The music was foreboding, cautious, and anxious… so didn’t fit the content at all…
Heath Brougher
Right on!
Ralph Waldo Emerson couldn’t have said it better. We must speak out “rude Truths.”
This was my favorite
When she said " Don't give your power away to people who are not responsible for it." That statement really made an energetic shift for me. I was worried about other people 😕 Who don't have power over me. Feeling let down. That shift, with one statement made me feel so much better.
Lots to take in
Do you have the PDF Dorothy?this was great but a lot to take in…some way to go. I want to be happy but work is difficult and the people gets me down
Exactly what I needed, thank you. <3 The PDF you mentioned: where can I find it? :-) Thank you, AnnA
I’m letting go of the things that stress me out with meditation
I learned that meditation will zap the things that stress you out in a heartbeat because I have tried it and it’s easy to breathe and relax and now I’m noticing that stress can lead to sadness and anxiety and unhappiness and I pray at night there’s no more stress meditation is good for stress for some people like whether it’s missing family or something like that this sometimes noticeable and meditation helps with that people yelling your name 10,000 times and sometimes I have noticed that when I meditate all the negative things just zap right out of my mind and positive things come to my mind
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