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Why Worry, Stress and Anxiety?

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Life Coaching
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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
I explore the difference between stress, worry and anxiety and give you tips to work with each of these mind states. Take some time to know how to yourself.
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11 reflections
I noticed that I can check back in with my self it calms down a panic attack. It’s ok to feel this way. Don’t be so hard on myself.
This coaching session is so spot on. It takes a lot less energy to be in the present moment than to worry about future moments. Also, that robs you of the present moment which is the only moment we have to live our lives.
Why Worry
An absolutely wonderful teacher sharing continued valuable information.
I need to remember to ground myself and live in the moment. I lose time from the moment by listening to thoughts about the future but the future isn’t here yet. I will try to focus on breathing in these moments to bring myself and my thoughts back to the present.
Walter J
Thank goodness I do not regularly or actively practice much worry, stress or anxiety like some people choose to do. There is just not a good return of time or energy to invest in these dangerous emotions. Very little positive, but truckloads of negative comes from engaging with them... Including dis-ease in our Body, Mind & Soul. Letting go, being non-judgmental and returning to the moment are much more effective & productive ways to deal with them and are only a breathe or two away. This session to help us remember this. ❤️☮️🍀
What more can be said?
Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 😂
A Good Reminder...
This helped me to breathe in some calm, relaxing my body enough to squelch my headache a little bit. I’ll take it! 😊 It’s a great reminder the differences between stress, anxiety, & worry—and how they sometimes occur together. Not a fun party! Yesterday, I didn’t have enough time (or space) to meditate first thing, like I usually do. I was running late. OMG—it showed! I had a rough start to the day and my morning stunk! But... once I got back home & had some time (& space) for meditation, things began improving.
Power To The Breath
What a powerful Life Coaching session! I learned the difference between worry, stress and anxiety. It is only with the breath that will bring you back to the present moment. Therefore, this Life Coaching session is a great reminder to check in with the breath periodically throughout the day to calm body, mind and spirit. Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️
I didn't realize how interconnected worry, stress and anxiety could be. I now wonder if I might meet the clinical definition of having anxiety? It seems to me that I easily slip through all three states regularly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll do my best from now on to identify which state I'm actually experiencing at any given time. Regardless, I truly wish that my ”stressors” would simply fade away!
So What?
As I focused on my breath, I remembered someone telling me recently to ask “so what?” when I felt anxious or stressed. I asked that as I focused on my breath going in and going out. By the time I finished I could feel a sense of calmness. Physically and mentally. God is good! ❤️
Dozed off because I dove in to Aura too late in the evening.
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