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Why Wait To Be Perfect To Love Yourself?

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Taressa Riazzi
Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
Self-love shouldn't be contingent upon changing yourself or your body. If you are looking to lose weight, become happier, accept yourself fully, and experience complete unconditional self-worth, this is for you!
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6 reflections
I can take a few moments to do a meditation to start my day.
Don’t lose the weight to love yourself. Lose the weight because you love yourself.
Today’s Lesson
I learned that I want to feel worthy of love. Wow! I listened to a meditation that said not to lose weight to be able to be loved, but because I am loved. My body had a somatic reaction, always a great sign something is important to me.
I love myself and I treat my body like I treat my loved ones
I noticed that I really should treat my body in a loving way more often. Like I treat my dearest ones. I don’t offer unhealthy crappy food to my family and friends because I want them to feel good and happy and energized… but for myself I don’t often put more effort in cooking healthier food or pampering myself… why is that? That I care more for others and neglect myself too often?
I learned that one little word changes the whole way I thought about myself.
Kate C.
“Lose the weight because you love yourself…”
Those are life changing words. It always begins with self-love.
Self Love
Love yourself as you are- you deserve the Life you want! Don’t wait. 💜
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