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Why the World Needs More Compassion

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Emotional Intelligence
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Compassion is how you express sentiment for another living being who is less fortunate or suffering. Compassion is how we form and uphold emotional connection; it is how we feel care and love from another, and from our self when we direct compassion inward. When you feel compassion, you open yourself to witness 'light'; light that emerges after sadness and suffering; light that mends and heals and grows your capacity to feel and be of more light, more freedom, and ease. Here, I explain why we all need to become better at expressing compassion to others, and to ourselves; and how you can begin to do so now. Namaste!! xo
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Is this something that you can give and take because if it is....I’m always the giver rarely get this in return. It can be rather overwhelming at times especially when I’m in need of that or those same feelings or to be thought of like that. It’s just in me it’s not something ppl have to bring out of me. It comes oh so natural. I love that I have this instilled in me!! I’ve got love 💕 for everyone and then some...
Being Compassionate
I learned that to be compassionate, you must truly care about who you are being compassionate to and feel the feelings they are as well.
Jody- I’m sorry you’re going through this. The I’m sorries Donease- The energy we receive and give off.
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