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Why Taking a Deep Breath Feels Good. (full episode) The Self Healing Benefits of Deep Breathing That You Need to Know.

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
There are several reasons why taking a single deep breath - or several - are helpful and have proven benefits. Here are the top five reasons why it serves you well to take several conscious deep breaths - whenever you can - and as often as you can. Perhaps this will be added inspiration for you to take conscious deep breaths more often! Namaste! xo
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3 reflections
This really brought my attention to my breathing, and how everyone in my home can benefit from deep breathing.
7 deep breaths, up to 4 minutes Will be sharing with my husband and son. Definitely enlightening.
Pain Management
This type of deep breathing stopped a bad pain day from getting out of control.
Breathing listening breathing
Every meditation talk session on breathing has some new feature and this one on the five areas that are benefited by breathing, breathing deeply and purposefully is a happy start to my day - presence, calm natural state, immune/lymph flow combined with lungs, memory brain function, pain reduction endorphins - wow any moment every moment
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