A new beginning
This session meant a lot to me. You allowed me to process things. You gave me valuable information on exactly how to let go fully and live a beautiful life. For me, this was over a course of many years. Always on and off. Thank goodness there were no ties such as children, or living together, or marriage. I've always maintained my own place. This isn't a new parting of ways. It's been coming for years. Signs? Well, the universe is probably exhausted from the extent to which I was provided signs. To be honest with you and my inner self, I know I didn't care enough about myself to RUN the other way from the start. My body, inner self, mind, all of who I am was damaged from MY decision to continue seeing him when he popped up after lengthy periods of time away in complete silence. I own it. No blame. I also don't have any regrets. There was so much goodness there. So, that's as far as I'll talk about that because it's behind me. It's not new. I wasn't dumped. It wasn't a surprise. Aura helped me finally begin to learn and practice self love in a huge way. It was hard to not respond when he would just pop up into my life. It was always when I was doing great, back to my normal. Of course. So, I've been preparing to get to where I don't jump or respond when he contacts me. I'm thriving. I'm happy to just be me. Your session meant a lot to me. I just happened to see it. I hadn't addressed this. Thank you so very much. I hope your life is rewarding and abundant.