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Who You Are Is Not What You Have Been Taught to Believe

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
“Who you are is not what you have been taught to believe. Who you are is the most incredible being of love.” For whatever behaviour (or belief) is unwanted and yet appears to be so deeply ingrained, ask yourself, “Where did I learn this?” I ask clients to trace their problematic behaviour, belief system, or unhealthy habit - back to an earlier time – a time in which they first remembered observing this behaviour in another person, or - if applicable - of their self. I call this "a point of origin.” The purpose of looking for the origin of a behaviour or core belief is to establish a starting place from which you may begin to understand that this behaviour (attitude, belief, or thought pattern) is not entirely of your making. To find its originating point means that it was learned and therefore may be changed or unlearned and replaced with something of your choosing. We learn so much about our self by reflecting on what we have been taught to believe.
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Walter J
Dorothy is Spot On with this session!! I have believed for years that we make most all of our Decisions based on our childhood Conditioning and Inherited Tendencies from our ancestors. Many people never really understand this, because this conditioning is effectively done by age 6 and they really have no need to challenge it. They go thru life making the same decisions as their 6 year old self allows. Why do you think the whole “dumbing down” of our society has been so effective in the past? However, we all have the ability to Change! We have the Power of Choice!! We can modify our Initial Conditioning - with some guidance & conscious effort. It is typically hard & tedious to do, that is why so few ever really change that much. I was blessed with awesome parents that did their best for me so my work has been easier than some. But they were human so I have their issues to overcome. I have been fortunate to have found Concept Therapy to help me change some of my Initial Concepts that were installed into me that were holding me back. It is a work in progress & my Aura tribe has certainly help me to explore other areas that may still need some work. But I have the rest of my life to Change... into Who I Want to be. So do you. But First you have to decide what you Want to Be, Do or Have. My Burning Desire is to help parents give the best Initial Conditioning to their kids as possible. And I believe it is most effectively done with a mom and a dad, who want to do a good job, show unconditional love for each other & their kids and can help their kids learn how to make Beneficial Decisions. That is what The Luckiest Man Alive! is all about. Creating better kids by creating better parents! Namaste, ❤️☮️🍀 .
Controlling my reactions
I learned that my immediate emotional response to some situations is likely based on past experiences. I learned ways to help to assess each new situation individually, and to not allow emotions control my reactions. To consider the characteristics I want to have, and make a conscious decision to be that way, and have those types of reactions.
I realized how I react to things today can be linked to feelings in childhood, like not being good enough. I can change these thoughts by first recognizing them
Becoming Aware
Whether we realize it or not, we have beliefs, thought patterns and coping mechanisms that were instilled in us from a very young age. This conditioning sinks deep within our subconscious and we grow up having preconceived notions about ourselves, others and the world around us. In this amazing life coaching wisdom session, Dorothy gives us some tools to become more aware of these conditioned thoughts and beliefs so we may, for once begin to live our true authentic self. Going from our conditioned self to our authentic self requires an awareness. An awareness of self. An awareness of who we want to be. An awareness of our actions as well as our reactions. Every time we feel emotions rising up within us, we must take a pause and ask ourselves, is what I’m feeling a result of what is happening right in front of me or something unresolved from my past. Asking ourselves this question gives us the opportunity to find the point of origin. Looking back on my own life, I withdraw from people when I feel not heard. My heartbeat races. When things get to be too stressful, I shut off and go within to my safe space. I believe I know where this coping mechanism came from and why I adopted it. Knowing the trigger and my conditioned reaction to it, I can work on clear communication skills and constructive thinking to help filter it out of my life. I am on my way to living as my true, authentic self. Everyday, I am becoming more aware! Thank you for your wisdom, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
My life summed up
It took me feeling lower than low to realize that the life I was living wasn’t my own.... I was trained to think and believe in certain aspirations and going through life not knowing my own worth due to being programmed into believing my worth was what my caretaker believed it was
I enjoyed listening to this track!! Really gave me hope to re-program my childhoo programming
I learned there is hope after all!! I remember some parts of my childhood but there is a lot I don’t. This app and life guides are going to be a great asset on my journey forward.
Dwelling on the past is not healing or productive
This is depressing and her voice is as well I am past the past. PTSD DOESNT WIN
I am working on recognizing where my beliefs come from and what situations prefaced them. This session was very insightful and full of great information. Thank you, Dorothy!
Who/how I want to be
I don’t want to depend on old habits to cope with my emotions
I learned that my anxiety stems from 1. Listening to my parents argue and taking on their fear.
I learned that I’m not alone, that my anxst around applying for jobs comes directly from.. what’s going to happen if my parents divorce, losing everything in a manic episode in NYC right after graduating college. Also losing a good job after 7+ years, not to mention all the bullying, name calling and constant pessimism from my family and peers.
We control our thoughts
I remember we can notice that it’s not what we want to think and redirect thoughts to the present reality. Define it. Positively.
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