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Who Packed Your Parachute?

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Learn how important it is to appreciate those around us who support us, often in ways that we take for granted and forget about completely!
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Who packed my parachute?
I need to think about who drives my bus and operates my train. Who grows my food? Who built the buildings where I work and live? Who keeps me safe? Who fights fires in my neighborhood? Let me appreciate the people I see and those I don’t see a little bit more each day.
Who Packed Your Parachute?
It's a lot easier to feel gratitude when you picture a person for all the objects and services you take for granted that keep you alive.
Made me think of God and my mom
They have supported me my whole life. He has given me the best mom possible and she has made sure with Gods help that we’ve always had our parachute to sis us in our safe and landing. And the making sure the landing was safe is God.
Depend on peoe
When we stop to think about this we realize just how dependent we all are, on each other
Who packed your parachute?
Be aware and thankful for the people who are supporting you! Not only who cooked the food you ate today but grew it, who picked it, who hauled it, who ran the store...
Who packed your parachute
So many people allow me to live an amazing life just by doing their job! I need to remember to thank them and be kind
Haven’t ever before though about being grateful to people I don’t put a face to doing probably millions of jobs to provide the basics in life that we all take for granted. Helpful new perspective when thinking about what I’m grateful for
Giving thanks
Thanksgiving is everyday, as I acknowledge daily, the village of people it takes for me to survive from day to day
You need to feel gratitude for those around
You . I had a foot injury recently and one of My sons as well as one of my granddaughters helped me tremendously thru this time, and I appreciate with all my heart.
Very thought provoking!
This makes me think of Dirty Jobs with Mike Roe on TV. Be grateful and kind to everyone, even the dirty guys who pick up your trash and work in the sewers. These are people who keep your life very, well… clean. Don’t forget the people who help maintain machines that create the most mundane things such as staples, nails, screws, car parts, thread and then the people who sweep the floors at night to keep the maintenance crew safely work. This is a great story! Love it!
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