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When You're Exhausted but Awake

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
The intention of tonight’s meditation is to guide you gently into the deep, restful sleep your body needs. Even though your mind wants to keep you awake with tasks to do, responsibilities to hold or life to ponder.  Sleep is here...and she’s waiting for you.
From the community
6 reflections
It feels extremely good and relaxing to rest and loosen your cheeks ☺️
It’s very relaxing when you let each body part loose. Never thought to drop your jaw and let your cheeks drop actually how good it feels and the tension that is removed.
Anxious thoughts
I need to recognize that my inner child is overwhelmed but my adult self knows it will all be okay. Roll with the punches little friend
Friday 23/8/21
Slept longer without waking thru night , less anxious in the morning....
Slept more
I slept for 5 hours and still feeling anxious. Hopefully I’ll be able to calm down soon.
Still awake
Listened and hit an hour or two of sleep Bitcoin didn’t really work. Better than the 4 minute meditation. Will try one more.
I fell asleep within three minutes which I’ve almost never been able to do. That was awesome.I still felt a bit tired when I awoke the next morning
I didn’t like the music choice because it had constant bird sounds in it, which makes it difficult to stay sleep. I probably awoke at least 5 times which is probably why is still feel tired.
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