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When Love Has Been Abusive: How to Reclaim True Love

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
For you to find great love in this life is your destiny. Your heart has been yearning for this... A spoken 'inspired' message to remind you of how the love you had (or may still have) is not real love if it comes with abusive words or actions.  And how to reclaim the real love that you are so deserving of.  Believe in this. When you ask for what you truly want and then as you are willing to receive it (even with caution) - you are reminded of the great power of receiving everything that you most desire - and with this - new love.
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i learned that i am worthy of feeling genuine love and that i deserve to be happy
Walter J
Loving & Learning...
Very, very insightful session! When our love for someone is not returned it is not our fault and we need to learn to not feel bad about it. Maybe they led us to believe that which is untrue. Maybe they had a few qualities we liked & we chose to tell ourselves the other ones were not important or they actually hid them from us. Maybe we just acted too hasty getting involved with them in the first place. Regardless of all the maybes, we need to remember we are the good person who is deserving of Love. Great Love, not manipulative love. We need to attract a higher Love that will respect us for who we are Becoming. That can see the best in us and will Want to help us release this goodness. Regardless of the past bad relationships we can find better love!!
Learning to love
Finding that I can be open to receiving new love...wow. Truly grateful for Dorothy’s message. 💝💝💝
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I have learned that in order for me to be free, I must forgive and not hold resentments. If I don’t truly let go with love, that person will always have an influence over me. I’ll never wholly be......me. I found this story to be vengeful and holding ex’s in a negative light. Love was love.
When love has been abusive..
This is so true and I’m worth more then the way I’ve been treated the last 7 years but I’m coming out of this darkness and on my one and I’m so excited to shine and become myself once more 💯🙏
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