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When Is It Okay to Tell a White Lie?

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The best strategy for communicating effectively....can be accomplished effectively and with complete honesty. Here are the best practices for being honest and why it is so important to do so. Namaste! xo Music: Llewellyn - 'official breathing'
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Conflict Resolution
I’m not sure why this one is titled “When it is okay to tell a white lie”? 🤔 It should be titled steps for conflict resolution. When you are in conflict with someone one of the most important things is to seek understanding of the other person. Step into their shoes for a moment. In order to do this, we must take the time, space, and be in a peaceful state to look at the situation from a high perspective. It does not mean we are accepting or forgiving the person for the conflict. Just trying to find a resolution to be able to move forward.
The best way to communicate with people is to tell them what they want to hear by paying them a compliment. People want to be liked and feel they belong. Then tell them the truth by delivering that truth with kindness. If you don’t feel you can be fully truthful with your answer, you can always say to the person I need more information before I can tell you my thoughts. You can also say I am not sure. When people value your trust they are more open to being vulnerable with you as well as being honest with you.
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