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When Is It Burnout? 'ask dorothy'

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Listen as I share my client Kim's* story of how she unknowingly crossed over into the zone of burnout and what best CBT practices and strategies were most helpful to change her approach to her work, and to the rest of her life. *The name of my client has been changed to maintain confidentiality. Her story is real. Resources and Recommended Reading: Burnout Signs: https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/burnout-recovery#signs Online Burnout Checklist: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTCS_08.htm Namaste!
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After listening to this I feel that I gained a bit more insight into what is going on with myself right now and aso how to help myself a little bit
Is my focus Today! Keep this going, rest when tired, eat healthier food!
My flaw…
… is that I never learned balance. I give and work for others and rarely take time for myself. I feel guilt if I actually do, but I see how unhealthy that mindset has made me.
I need more work/personal time balance. I will designate specific times to allow myself to relax and enjoy other things.
My notes:
I need to remember my daily gratitude list. Create a list of things that will bring me into balance.
Incredibly helpful
This was so insightful and so helpful for me. It really helped me understand exactly why I’m feeling this way. Thank you so much for this.
I learned that by introducing just minutes into my day on activities that provide healthy self care practices will help significantly in resorting balance and reducing or eliminating burnout. Also to develop district boundaries, time away from my phone.
This presentation hit me to my core ad I’m experiencing burnout. I will definitely share this with my co-workers and implement the tools shared.
Balance is what I am hearing again and again as if the universe is trying to tell me something I need to hear on repeat. I need to give time for me and relax not just go from one task to another. I need to follow my core values. It has taken me to burnout and exhaustion to realise this
I need balance
I have been in the burnout phase for a few weeks now, unfortunately didn’t realize this, but after listening to this track, I see the signs were always there 😞
You mention numbness Dorothy. That is the only word I have to express or explain how I feel. Numbness of emotion, numbness in relationships. I don’t have work burnout, but I think I have life burnout. This world keeps throwing bad news & challenges at us all, I am overwhelmed with sadness at the destruction being done to our beautiful planet by the human race, by the cruelty & lack of consideration or care by humans for all the other beings we share this planet with. Trying to focus on the good and to do good is encouraging and what I try to do, but then more bad news gets thrown at me & I despair for the future - especially for our planet & our fellow creatures. Thanks for a really insightful session 💚🙏🏻 I enjoy “spending time with you” on Aura 🧘‍♀️
Hi Dorothy
You said to reach out so this is me reaching out to you. Where can I find the checklist and other things you said were in a link ? Not sure where to look for them. If you could now reach out to me that would be ok. Not sure how we do this reaching out further ? I will come back to this post and keep checking for a reach out from you to let me know the next step. Thank you so much I hope to chat with you soon. Ohh I am in Australia East Coast in Queensland. (that’s AEST) I give permission for you to get my email from Aura files to make contact if that helps. Namaste 🖤💜
Job Burn out
I have learned with this session that I have definite burn out and it is seriously affecting my entire life. First thing is job disillusionment I am not clear of my exact duties or what authority I have. Lack of resources to do my job, this would pertain to my promise of getting a card for expenses with no results for seven months. I am always guaranteed 30 hours a week however I work past the 30 hours And I am not always paid the work above and beyond 30 hours. All of these things contribute to job burn out and I have experienced all of them I’m experiencing burn out I’m actually at the point of I shut my self off from work without letting them know that I am burnt out. Even though my boss at times stresses to me he does not want me to get burn out, he has been the person who has contributed to my burnout. By promising me the expense card for purchasing things needed to perform some of my job duties, and not providing one. My disillusionment of my exact job description has left me feeling the need to do everything, Causing me undue-stress, waste my time. Time wasted makes me feel a sense of no accomplishment at all. I’d like to get things done. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, I take a great sense of pride in my work I’m good at things when it comes to repairs of things, I recognize Safety issues and try to address them immediately, however due to lack the resources, safety related repairs are not immediately addressed. I cannot survive with my salary, yet I cannot be without a job. I have given mgt a proposal to meet once a month to get up to date on all matters, communicate with each other, in person or on zoom, for all of us to be on the same page. They have yet to respond to my attempt at communicating amongst one another. I am beside myself with worry, dread, anger, frustration, sadness because I like my job (even if I don’t know exactly what it all entails).
Burned out
I am burned out from trying to learn a new job with 10 hour days… it’s hard to be so tired all the time and to have little time to myself doing the things I enjoy— reading /crocheting etc… I know I need to have balance but how to cram anymore into my day— even with things that would be good for me….seems impossible. I know I need to exercise and that that would help me feel better but I’m too pooped out after work to do much of anything. I feel like I’m just on survival mode—- and feel no hope in it changing or getting easier. I guess little things.. like listening to this podcast before bed or in the morning with my coffee I’d something small that I can do.
This talk was so on point. It explains a lot that’s happening with me now. I will not let burnout from work, the pandemic and results of the pandemic affect me our my relationships with loved ones anymore. I’ve already made my list on ways to bring things in balance. Thank you
Big day at work yesterday. It’s my own business, no employees.
I learned that there are some aspects of my work that I really enjoy. I allowed myself to relax into that part. Let the auto pilot take over, put an audio book on and chill
I learned that even small moments of time can be used to help restore my emotional well-being.
The cure for burnout
May require a job change. My boss either cries or hollers at me any time I try to provide some alternative ideas or thoughts. The behavior is bizarre and unprofessional. Any complaint is retaliated against in passive aggressive manipulative ways. I have no choice I feel I need to leave.
Burn out
I learned that I don’t think I’m going through a burnout I don’t think I’m going through a burnout
Burned out
I am burned out from my job. Unfair caseloads, no support from others, just not enough of me to go around. Time to take a break.
I learned that I definitely am in burnout and need to come up with a self care plan for everyday.
Burned out
I said yes to almost every symptom question. Truth is I haven’t felt fulfilled in my job for a long time and I’m suffering crippling migraines. Now I know why and how to approach getting “better”.
I think work burnout precipitates personal breakdown - or hinders health for sure
I might have this and hope I can properly address the reasons why and how to set clear boundaries bc this is part of the reason my emotional state is so sad now
I am burnt out
This carries such a great explanation of what burn out is. I felt like this story was about me. I need to find balance, I didn’t even realize how much pressure and expectations I place onto myself. This was just my life and I thought I could handle it. I experienced a traumatic event while I was starting to feel the effects of burnout, and this multiplied everything to extreme levels, insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic. Everything felt so far out of my control.
This explains what I am going through
I learned that I truly do have work job burnout and have to get a plan in place to help myself so that I can be more present in my relationships. My relationships are suffering because of burnout.
Loved the fact she gave examples of what to do not just describing the burdens
The malapropisms were incredibly distracting. It’s one fell swoop, not one full swoop. Impeding, not imparting.