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When Irritated & Annoyed

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
When irritated and annoyed, the best thing to do is to honor the experience by feeling. Nothing is permanent anyway, and the faster we allow, the faster things pass : )
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Reprieve from anger
I often wake up angry. I definitely have reasons to be angry but I’ve learned that this anger does not reflect my current circumstances but is anger from childhood, from years of torture and mistreatment. But I am learning to start every morning with a guided meditation and by doing this I am connecting with and releasing the deep-seated anger. This little session helped me let go. I know the anger is not all gone but I also know that I can change it with time and practice.
Too clam myself down
Needed this
I like there is an option on Aura now for you to type in how you are feeling which before this meditation I was feeling annoyed and irritated. My day has been non-stop.😫 This meditation invites you to put the welcome mat out to accept what your feeling at the moment and approach it with a loving kindness. Showing compassion to yourself. And exploring what areas of your body you are feeling this in. For me I was feeling tension on my neck, upper back, shoulders, and left side of my head. When I acknowledged the tension I was feeling in each area the tension would ease. I am feeling grounded and at ease.
It's ok to feel irritated and annoyed
I learned how much my breath can release tension in my body when I'm irritated and tense. This session was amazing and I intend to replay it as needed.
Its ok to feel what I feel
I learned that it's ok to feel irritation and to just breath through it. I also learned that when I am irritated or Annoyed my hands shake and my neck tenses up. I need to be able to move pass the moment to get to the other side which is peace in my heart.
Welcome mat
It is OKAY to feel what I do. It is okay to feel annoyed, and irritated. I am welcoming and meeting myself in this moment; as is. With full acceptance, it will naturally pass as every moment does.
Come on in!
Learning to welcome all emotions.. even the challenging ones that don’t feel as great.. allows us to accept them as normal. Allowing them in like the more “positive” emotions like happiness, joy and elation.. acknowledges our humanness. To experience the gamut of emotions is normal. I am allowed to feel frustrated and angry. Ruminating on our feelings only allows them to fester more. To feed the fire. Having open arms gives them a place to stay for just a moment.. allowing them to breathe.. take shelter.. and then move on when they ready to leave. Like waves crashing onto the shore. And going back into the vast ocean.
I’ve learned that the closer I get to my cycle the more annoyed it get with everyone and everything..
I’m Only Human
I am learning to remind myself that it’s alright to get irritated and annoyed. My first thoughts when I do feel that way is to get rid of them immediately, but I now know I should let them come and go.
My feelings are valid
It’s ok to be annoyed but I can not stay in that feeling. I need to release it.
Just relax
I was judging myself for being so annoyed. Fighting the feeling instead of just accepting that I’m annoyed. Once I stopped judging myself and approached the feeling with kindness and compassion, the feeling was quickly replaced with curiosity and calm.
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