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When Angry & Anxious

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
Transform feelings of anger and anxiety with this practice incorporating mindful self-compassion and qigong.
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Walter J
This was a fantastic session! Learned how to release anger from my liver and anxiety from my heart. Jaisa teaches us some ancient Chinese methods & beliefs which I always find fascinating... and they seemed to really work well too. Honoring our anger and then “shoo”ing it away from our liver where it is stored - powerful! Honoring anxiety and then “ha”ing it away from our heart where emotions are stored was completely refreshing!! I hope there are more sessions like this to teach me how to cleanse all the major organs. Thanks Jaisa & Aura. ❤️☮️🍀
Burn away the anger inside!
I needed this session! Been fighting with my family to attempt to have my kids honor my requests for aid in keeping the house up! Wound up ending my day yesterday scouring their bathroom from top to bottom because they’ve ignored it for so long! Went to bed exhausted and angry. Mostly with myself for giving in and doing it for them! GRRR!
Alone in a fancy hotel room in Palm Springs because I got into a fight with my husband.
Traveling with a 1 yr old and a 2 year old is not relaxing at all, especially when husband is busy and doesn’t help- actually makes it harder by not helping. I wish this, our first family vacation with the bbs was more fun, more relaxing.
Malcolm Key
My family made me mad. So I tried listening to this
I already had swept a bunch of stuff off my shelf but I decided before I go off on anyone verbally. I would try to do something to help my feelings. My family doesn’t really understand my feelings so often times I have to take matters into my own hands when I’m upset. It makes me sad that they can’t understand how I feel and it makes me feel alone.
I just want to let go of anger, tension & this guy
I learned that i stand alone and there is no loyalty. Family isn’t family. I don’t trust people. Most of my family is fake💯
It’s ok to feel angry
I felt like I was able to relax into feeling some of the anger and anxiety - I was repressing a lot of my rage before, and as I did the exercises I realized I don’t have to push all those feelings away- it’s ok to experience them in a safe place, and with the help of my deep breathing. It’s good to recognize them and try to grapple with them, but in a gentle way. I needed this. Thank you
I wasn’t knowingly angry or anxious... my first session
I learnt that even in a calm state you can have years of tension to release... breathing techniques were perfect leaving a peaceful and relaxed mind and body... thank you
Healing anxiety
Jaisa, wonderful! Healing through the powerful heart forever! Anxiety to peace! Shooo! Thanks.
I learned that if I use this app when I start to feel myself getting angry that I can calm myself down a little bit. I'm still angry but not like over the top ready to kill someone angry
Great meditation to help me recenter my self 🙏 thank you for the opportunity to work with the inner spaces of my life and soul.
Omgosh Wow
I really enjoyed that. I’m at work and I found myself getting irritated then angry. It’s this one supervisors of mine whom I allow to get under my skin and I can’t stand that he gets me to that point. I just want to be able to coexist with this man without always getting irritated at the sight of him. The plot thickens but I don’t wanna elaborate tooooo much. Just know I have my reasons for feeling the way I do about him.
Incredible Meditation
This was the best meditation I have had on Aura. After a day with much anger inside, I felt peace at the end. It calmed me right down. I will definitely use this one again
Thank you
There was a sensation in my stomach that I felt fading as I followed the breath
I learned that I need more work. I’m allowing my brain to overshadow my truth. I’m wearing it like a cloak. Where’s the satisfaction in swirling my cloak around. For me. For others. I’m trying to toss it. Not there yes. This Meditation was too short for my needs today. I’m not sure where to go from here.
I am angry and irritated. A little less than before though so I’m going to keep releasing and allowing. Thank you 🙏🏼
I think I need to do more gratitude meditations because I should thank my self for coming to this app and calming down before I react with anger.
I learned that pent up emotions such as anger can get trapped in the liver and heart and it’s important to release those emotions before they get the best of you. I have been feeling angry with everyone around me. I feel resentment and disappointment w those that I call friends and it makes me angry. My job makes me angry because I do not feel that I’m getting paid nearly enough for the stress that I’m enduring. Meditating allows me to release those emotions.
Very helpful!
I learned that I can reduce and eliminate intense feelings of anger by focusing inward. Great audio!
It worked!
I was skeptical. I was agitated and surly. No reason I could see for it. Halting my motivation. Making all this seem pointless. Did this exercise anyway. Actually feel calmer.