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What's Your Life Force Energy R.O.I.?

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Life Coaching
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Life Force Energy Coach
In another 3 Minute Morning, I, Renee, offer a few tips for dealing with your life force energy. Since energy really is everything it's important to know how to use your life force to get the best R.O.I. on it in your personal life, business life, and beyond!
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2 reflections
The content is very good. The voice is like a machine, electronic, no personality, very difficult to concentrate and follow. I unfortunately will not save or listen again due to that
I was depressed, lost and didn't know what to hold on to, hang on to. I found Zen buddhism and it lead me here. Thanks. The episode was perfect; just what I needed.
My driving force is Zen buddhism. I learned it today, just before listening on YouTube while searching.
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