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What Would You Love?

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So while I know there are so many 'shoulds' in your head…and so much on your to-do list that you need to get done, I want to invite you to just take a few minutes now, and instead of forcing yourself to do something when you’re feeling obligated or low in energy… Instead, take a few deep breaths and drop into the center of your body…and try these 2 centering questions on for size… ~What would I genuinely love? ~What do I genuinely have the energy to do?
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The Common Thread
The answers to: What would I love and what can I do to bring me energy is a common thread snd denominator. I have control over what I love and can accomplish. The two are related and very much attainable if I use my tools. Thank you for this amazing piece.
Two questions
I learned that by asking myself what I love, and what I have energy did you wanna given moment, I can let go of the tendency to push past the limits of my body and it breaks that myself. I learned that it’s OK to have faith that I will complete the tasks on my to do list eventually.